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Friday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nina’s Certain She’s Right

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Nina made a jaw-dropping decision when she encountered Sonny at the Tan-O and General Hospital spoilers tease she’ll continue on that path on Friday. She’s playing along with Sonny believing he’s a man named Mike. As fans have seen, he’s clearly growing attached to her.

‘Mike’ Questions Nina

The sneak peek for the April 2 episode of General Hospital reveals a bit more. As “Mike” and Nina hang out at the Tan-O, he’ll have a question for her. He’ll ask how she seems to think she knows him so well.

Prior to this, Nina asked “Mike” how hard he was trying to find out who he really is. He admitted that he was quite content with his current life at the bar. He also noted that he perhaps was better off being away from his old life.

Nina is conflicted about how she’s handling this, notes SheKnows Soaps. She tried to tell Carly the truth about finding Sonny, but Carly’s attitude nipped that revelation in the bud. Now, Nina’s spending time with Sonny and pretending that they truly just met.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Nina will further convince herself she’s handling this situation in the best possible way during Friday’s show. When “Mike” asks how she thinks she knows him so well, she’ll probably play up the connection they’ve made.

Elijah Could Cause Trouble

Elijah, a family friend of Phyllis and Lenny’s, is already annoyed by Sonny’s presence at the Tan-O. During Thursday’s show, he met Nina and apparently she presents a problem too.

He noted that it seemed as if Mike and Nina had known one another for a while. As far as Sonny knows at this point, he truly did just meet Nina. She obviously knows better, but she didn’t let on at all when questioned.

Elijah also mysteriously noted on a phone call that Nina was an additional problem for “them.” General Hospital viewers have sensed that Elijah has ulterior motives and is up to no good. Now, his comment about Nina certainly makes him all the more suspicious.

‘General Hospital’ Teasers Hint At Messy Developments

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Elijah’s presence, and skepticism regarding both Sonny and Nina, could become quite important in the days ahead. Will he be the one to expose the truth about who “Mike” really is? Could he pose a threat to Nina and Sonny’s lives?

General Hospital viewers are curious to see how far Nina will take this. Carly has told Jax he should track down Nina, and if he does find her, that’ll bring about a major bombshell. All signs point toward it taking a while before “Mike” realizes he’s Sonny, but spoilers hint that there could be some juicy twists coming to shake up what’s ahead.

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