Would Cassie Scerbo Do ‘DWTS’ After “Break” With Gleb Savchenko?

Cassie Scerbo from Instagram

Actress Cassie Scerbo and dancer Gleb Savchenko started dating sometime after his split from his wife. The relationship seemed to pick up quickly and the two even spent a romantic vacation in Mexico around the holidays. However, reports say the couple is spending time apart and perhaps even cooling off. But even so, Cassie recently expressed interest in appearing on Dancing With The Stars this year.

The show’s executive producers love drama, so this could be another way to fan the flames. Cassie recently sat down with ET to discuss her Boo2Bullying campaign and the question came up.

“You never know! I’m kind of prepared right now, right?” Cassie answered when asked if she would like to appear on DWTS. “I know they did a fun ’80s theme last season. I would totally be down to do something like that.”

Cassie went on to say that she really loved dancing and would be open to an appearance on the show.

Cassie Scerbo threw a fundraiser to celebrate her 30th birthday and Gleb attended

Even if Cassie and Gleb aren’t exclusively dating at the moment, they still seem to be on good terms. Cassie threw an 80s themed party to celebrate her 30th birthday and to also raise money for Boo2Bullying. Gleb attended the event, as did fellow DWTS pro Sharna Burgess. Cassie advertised the event on her Instagram page. The dancers are notably visible on the ad.

Cassie Scerbo/Instagram

“All of this is for Boo2Bullying, and that’s what makes it even more special today, because it’s for the cause,” Cassie said in the interview. “And I was saying, my birthday wish this year was just to shed light on this.”

“It was such a tough year, and cyberbullying was on the rise, suicide rates were on the rise, they still are. It was a really tough year for everyone’s mental health,” she went on to say. “And bullying isn’t just other people spreading hate towards other people, it’s also the hate we sometimes project on ourselves. So, we have to remember the self-bully and I guess that’s why it’s so important to me.”

Cassie would not confirm nor deny where she stood with Gleb. However, she did add that she felt excited he and Sharna planned to attend the event.

The actress has absolutely no time for haters

Many Dancing With The Stars fans came for Cassie after she went public with her relationship with Gleb Savchenko so soon after his breakup. However, she quickly shut them down.

“People are always going to have opinions about you, whether you’re famous or not,” she told ET at the time. “People are going to have opinions, and it’s probably never gonna stop. It’s human nature to judge and it sucks. It’s horrible, but you have the power to either let that affect you positively or negatively.”

No matter what happens, many fans believe Cassie Scerbo has the confidence to totally dominate the dance floor. Would you like to see Cassie appear on DWTS Season 30? Be sure to let us know what you think.

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