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Erin Paine Seemingly Shades Bates Sisters & Their Parenting Styles

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Erin Bates Paine shared an adorable photo of her four children on social media. While many fans thought it was sweet, some of them think that Erin may be throwing shade at some of her sisters.

Erin and her husband Chad share four children, Charles “Carson” Stephen IV, 5, Brooklyn, 4, Everly, 2, and Holland, 15 months. Because of Erin’s recent health issues, it seems unlikely that they will have any more children. This is hard for Erin and Chad, as they wanted a large family. At this point, it would be a “miracle” for them to be able to have another baby. 

In the caption of her recent post, Erin talks about how her kids aren’t going to be dressed perfectly. She mentions that she wants to make memories instead of dressing her kids a certain way. She writes, ” I want to worry less about the mess, and less about how ‘stylish’ they may be, and I want to focus on keeping those smiles big. Mamas, put your phones down and go play with those babies. Time is precious and it is not gonna slow down. ”

Chad & Erin Paine Instagram
Chad & Erin Paine Instagram

Erin Bates Paine shades her sisters? Fans think so

On the Bringing Up Bates Reddit page, fans of the show are discussing the recent social media post. They think that Erin is specifically referring to her sister Alyssa Webster in her caption, but she could be talking about several of her sisters. For example, fans think that Josie Balka and Carlin Stewart also dress their kids “perfectly.”

In the comments section, one fan writes, “I do think Erin has shifted away from social media to just be present with them. Alyssa seems like she primarily cares about appearances and that isn’t fun for kids.”

Another adds, “I totally read this as a dig at Alyssa and her picture-perfect Instagram and her enormous new house that already looks primed for social media.”

Other possible explanations

Other fans don’t think that Erin intended to subtly comment on her sisters for dressing their kids so perfectly. They think she might just be sharing an honest mom post. On social media, more and more moms are using their platforms to speak about the ups and downs of life and motherhood. They aren’t trying to be perfect. So, maybe Erin is trying to do the same.

A fan weighed in, writing, “It could be misconstrued that way but I don’t think she put that much thought into it.” Another thinks it doesn’t seem like something Erin would do. They write, “No. That isn’t Erin’s personality at all. Seems just typical ‘tired mom’ social media schtick.”

Of course, nobody knows what her real intentions are, so we can’t say if she is actually hating on her sisters and the way they raise their kids.

So, do you think that Erin Paine shaded her Bates sisters? Or do you think her post was nothing more than an honest mom post? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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