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Is Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo’s Podcast Over? Looks That Way

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Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo previously announced that they were starting their own podcast, Hope We Hold. They promised encouraging content about the hope they have in their religion. They first kicked off the podcast in June 2020, but it was short-lived. The couple was sharing weekly podcast episodes from June through December 2020 until they decided to take a break from it to focus on their family.

The podcast seemed well-received by Duggar fans. On Apple Podcasts, the show received an average rating of 4.8/5 stars with 2,400 reviews.

In November, their second child was born. They live in Los Angeles, California, and don’t have any family members nearby, so going from one kid to two was a bit of an adjustment for them.

Now, the couple seems to be moving on to another project. It’s looking like their podcast may have officially come to an end.

Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo share new brand, no mention of podcast

On Monday, Jinger and Jeremy posted a new photo on their Hope We Hold Instagram page after previously scrubbing it. They shared a photo of themselves in the kitchen together and wrote, “We merged Hope & Stead under the Hope We Hold umbrella, so you will be seeing a bigger variety of updates, posts, products and more over here!”

Though their bio still mentions the podcast and the podcast episodes are still available to listen to, the new post doesn’t seem to promise new episodes.

It’s possible that they will pick back up with the podcast, but they didn’t specifically mention it while talking about their new business venture. So, we can’t assume that they are still working on the podcast. Perhaps they will still create new podcast episodes but won’t be doing so on a consistent basis. Or maybe they are still deciding what to do about their podcast. They may be trying to prioritize certain parts of their lives and business, especially as they get used to having two young daughters at home.

Whether the podcast is definitely over is still unknown at this point. It doesn’t seem like it will be a huge part of their brand now, or they would have mentioned it.

So, do you think it seems like Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo will add to their podcast? Or do you think that business venture is completely over? Let us know in the comments below.

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