Why did Mama Mary Schmucker leave Return to Amish?

Why Did ‘Return To Amish’ Mama Mary Schmucker Leave Reality TV?

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Return to Amish recently returned on the TLC reality network for its sixth season. Several of the cast members from the previous season have returned, as well as a number of new people. However, one cast member is notably absent and that is Mama Mary Schmucker. Why has she left reality TV?

Return to Amish cast members for Season 6

TLC first launched Breaking Amish in 2012 with five Anabaptists (four Amish and one Mennonite) appearing on the first season. In the series, the five moved to New York City to discover what life is like in the English world. While originally the show was criticized for depicting the Amish community in a bad light, Breaking Amish soon became a hit for the reality TV network.

So much so, TLC launched a spinoff in 2014 in the form of Return to Amish. The new show followed cast members who had left their Amish community for a chance at city life. One fan-favorite cast member was Mama Mary Schmucker. However, fans are wondering why she is no longer with the reality series. What made her change her mind about appearing on reality TV?

Returning cast members on the TLC reality show

Return to Amish chronicles Abe and Rebecca Schmucker’s life following their marriage. As noted by IB Times, the TLC show also features the marriage struggles of Jeremiah Raber and Carmela Mendez. Kate Stoltz is also featured, revealing her life as a socialite in New York City.

Jeremiah and Carmela of Return to Amish
Jeremiah and Carmela of Return to Amish [Image @jeremiah_raber/Instagram]
While Return to Amish has great ratings, fans have noticed that some of the original cast members are no longer on the show. One particular fan-favorite is Abe’s mom, Mama Mary Schmucker with her lively personality. Now, fans are upset that she is no longer appearing on the show.

Why did Mama Mary Schmucker leave?

When it comes to reality TV, not all the cast members are in it for the long run. This is also the case with Return to Amish. Mama Mary is known for her exuberant personality and cooking lessons but appears to have left the reality TV show. It seems this could be because she wants to make amends with the Amish church.

It was during Season 5 of Return to Amish that the Amish church shuns Mama Mary. She apparently wants to get back into the church’s good graces and it seems she may have left reality TV behind.

Why did Mama Mary Schmucker leave Return to Amish?
Why did Mama Mary Schmucker leave Return to Amish? [Image TLC/YouTube]
When the trailer aired for Season 6 of the TLC reality show in January, fans were confused when they didn’t see Mama Mary. Many commented, asking where she was. Other fans said how glad they were that Jeremiah and Sabrina were back, but where is Mary?

As noted here, however, Mama Mary will not return to the TLC reality show. However, this doesn’t mean fans can’t keep up with her on Facebook, where she makes regular posts, including selling Tupperware. They can also view videos on YouTube, where Mary gives cooking lessons, including this one on making buttermilk biscuits.

Meanwhile, fans of the TLC reality show can catch the latest episodes of Return to Amish on Mondays at 8 pm ET.


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