Carlin Bates & Evan Stewart Take Layla To Urgent Care

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Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart have had a handful of health scares with their little one, Layla Rae. The one-year-old was born with a hole in her heart, so they were very concerned about her. Now, it’s looking like things are much better for Layla health-wise. Sadly, another health issue seems to be causing a problem.

Layla Rae Stewart’s previous health issues

In a social media post, Carlin first started talking about Layla’s health. She said, “She has had breathing problems and episodes of turning blue where she can’t catch her breath … [because] she has a small hole in her heart. … I felt like my world was turned upside down as I held her in my arms. I felt so helpless watching her struggle for oxygen.”

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Carlin & Evan Stewart take their baby for an urgent care visit

In a new YouTube video, Carlin and Evan take their viewers through their day. They take a trip to the mall so Evan can get new glasses. Then, while they’re there, Carlin notices that Layla’s eye looks red. While vlogging in the car, the Bates daughter explains that Layla has had a stye that gets worse and better at times, but it never goes away completely. She’s had a prescription cream for it too, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Since it’s looking redder and worse overall, Carlin and Evan decide to take Layla to urgent care. Carlin’s tried getting a pediatrician appointment but they can’t fit her in.

Carlin talks about how her biggest concern is Layla’s eyesight. She doesn’t want the stye to affect her vision someday and says it could be something else other than a stye. For some peace of mind, the family heads to urgent care. While they’re at urgent care, Evan has to stay in the car due to Covid protocol.

When they get back out to the car, Carlin tells Evan that they need to go see an ophthalmologist and have Layla’s stye drained. The prescription that Layla was on was supposed to help with drainage, but it wasn’t supposed to take the stye away completely. Carlin says it should have gone away on its own. Fortunately, it shouldn’t be hurting Layla and it shouldn’t damage her eyesight.

To end their day, the family picks up Starbucks and gets their dog Izzy from their house. Then, they play at the playground.

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