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Mama June Dying? WEtv Star Shares Shocking News With Family

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Is Mama June dying? The WEtv star has some shocking news for her family.

Mama June’s Lipidemia could kill her in “six months,” she tells her sister Joanne Shannon. The shocking news came when June tried contacting her estranged daughters. Recall, before Road to Redemption aired on WEtv, June made off with Geno Doak and they spent a lot of money on their drug-filled lifestyle. Later, they both went to rehab. And fans saw that she put on a lot of weight and that might relate to her Lipidemia. But will it actually kill her at any time in the next six months?

Mama June’s Lipidemia – Could it Be Killing Her?

This week, Wetv fans saw that June Shannon reached out to her sister Joanne. She wanted to get in touch with her daughters. But Pumpkin moved, and the family scattered a bit. However, fans also know that her estranged kids are not rolling out the red carpet. After all, she put them through hell in Family Crisis. So, June told her sister that she really needs to get ahold of them as she’s desperately ill. In fact, near-death, she claims and says that she’ll die “in six months.” Apparently, she has Stage 3 Lipidemia. And that might explain in part, why she put on so much weight.

‘Mama June: Road To Redemption’ Season 5 — How To Watch

Fans saw Mama June stuffing her face in a teaser clip for the show. And after overloading her smoothie with ice cream, sprinkles, and more, Geno joked about eating too much “COVID.” Fans think she traded one addiction for another. However, some of that weight which she can’t shake might come from Mama June’s Lipidemia. Well, fans saw that Alana Thompson wanted to see her mom. But her custodian and big sister, Pumpkin seems reluctant to allow that. Possibly because she might “die within six months,” June hopes for come compassion. But how likely is her sudden death from her illness?

What is Lipidemia and is Stage 3 the end of the road?

Firstly, let’s take a look at “Lipidemia” and “Lipedema.” Note that they are spelled slightly differently. Mama June’s Lipidemia might have arisen as it’s often a genetic disorder. But it can relate to living an unhealthy lifestyle. And, it’s important not to confuse it with Lipedema which might lead to lymphedema. And Vascular Health Clinic explains that Lipidemia is commonly known as “high cholesterol.” Untreated, it can lead to death. But it’s treatable with various medications like statins and an improved diet and exercise regimen.

Many fans discussed Mama June’s Lipidemia on Twitter. And some of them wonder if could really kill her so fast. Some people who suffered from Lipedema (not Lipidemia), said they progressed to lymphedema. Medical News Today explains that there “is no cure for lymphedema,” and it is a progressive condition. Notably, it sounds like June probably does not suffer from Lipidemia, as reported, and more likely from Lipedema. The symptoms are similar to those that the WEtv star described, rather than high cholesterol. Lipedema comes with four stages. After that patients can develop Lymphedema, potentially fatal.

Mama June dying? Symptoms indicate Lipedema stage 3

Mama June talked about “lipidemia” being where “fat kind of makes nodules up underneath your skin, and your lymphatic system doesn’t work right.” She also said, “I am to a point where I am Stage 3. If I don’t get taken care of, I will die within six months.” Okay, having established that she described the symptoms of Lipedema rather than Lipidemia, a different condition, her condition might kill her in time. However, according to Total Lipedema Care, it seems unlikely that she dies within six months. So, maybe Mama June isn’t dying in the near future.

The medical website explains that if Mama June reaches stage 3 Lipedema (not Lipidemia), then stage 4 might follow. They note that Stage 4 seems “debilitating” as “pain and discomfort” become almost constant. “Water-assisted liposuction and skin removal surgery” helps patients in this stage.” However, if Mama June leaves her stage 3 untreated and it becomes stage 4, then she might end up with lymphedema. Lymphedema, an incurable illness, becomes progressively worse. However, with treatment, that might not cause her death in six months.

Mama June's Lipidemia Likely To Make her Drop Dead In Six Months
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While Mama June’s Lipidemia (Lipedema) brings some cause for concern, it seems unlikely that she drops dead in six months, according to the sources we cited. So, fans can rest easy knowing she’s probably not dying in the near future.

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