Joy & Austin Forsyth Take Evy Mae To The Hospital – Is She Okay Now?

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Counting On stars Joy Duggar and Austin Forsyth had to take their daughter, Evelyn Mae, to the hospital. What’s going on with her? Is the baby girl okay now?

Joy and Austin Forsyth explain reason for Evy Mae’s hospital visit

On Friday, Joy and Austin shared a new YouTube video. In their video, they document Evy’s trip to the hospital as well as a typical day of visiting Austin at work. The first part of the video includes the family getting ready to go to the hospital. On the way, they drop Gideon off with Austin’s parents. Then, they head to the children’s hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Joy gives viewers a look at Evy’s head and points out that it has a bump and looks odd in the back. At Evy’s one-month pediatrician appointment, her doctor recommended seeing a cranial facial specialist. The doctor thought it seemed like Evy’s skull was fusing too quickly, which could cause brain damage.

At the appointment, only one parent was able to go in due to Covid restrictions, so Joy waited in the car and FaceTimed Austin during the appointment. Evelyn had to have an x-ray and the doctor talked to Austin about what they saw.

What did they find out at the appointment?

In the description of the video, Joy writes, “We haven’t talked about Evelyn’s cranial concerns until now because we really didn’t know what to expect. We finally got an appointment at the Arkansas Children’s Hospital with the Cranial/Facial Doctor and had a scan done to make sure her skull was growing correctly. We are SO SO thankful that everything looks okay and that she doesn’t need any further appointments! (Just praying it continues to grow normally).”

So, it looks like Evelyn is okay. Of course, the parents are remaining aware of the issue. When Evy goes back to the pediatrician, her doctor will continue monitoring the issue so action can be taken if needed. This is something that the doctor will need to keep an eye on for the next year or two as Evy grows. If things do get worse, she may need to go back to see a cranial facial surgeon or a neurosurgeon. For now, everything seems to be good.

You can watch Joy and Austin Forsyth’s full video here.

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