‘Bringing Up Bates’ Special Announced – When Does It Air?

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A new season of Bringing Up Bates is set to premiere on April 8. While fans are anticipating the return of the show, they can tune in to a special episode. UPtv revealed that the special will air on Thursday, March 25 at 9 PM ET.

The description for the episode is pretty vague, so it’s unclear exactly what will be included in the special. It reads, “Spring is a time of new life and hope… and for the growing Bates brood it’s no different. In this special we’ll see the new ventures, new love and celebratory moments that keep the Bates flourishing.”

It looks like the episode may be an update about what’s been going on with the Bates family since the show last aired. In the trailer, Katie Bates introduces her boyfriend via FaceTime. The family also gathers to pray for Kelly Jo Bates before her surgery. John and Alyssa Webster’s gender reveal clip is featured too.

The episode will air two more times if you miss it. It’s on the UPtv schedule for April 8 at 10 PM ET and April 15 at 9:30 PM ET. If you don’t have cable, you will be able to stream the episode on UPtv’s streaming service. While regular-season episodes are available for purchase on Amazon, UPtv has confirmed that this special episode will not be.

Bringing Up Bates fans excited for special & new season

Fans have been patiently waiting for the Bates family to make their return to TV. Luckily, it’s happening very soon. After seeing that a new special is airing soon, fans went to UPtv’s comment section and shared their excitement.

Fans are saying that they are looking forward to both the special and the new season. They have missed seeing the family on TV, even though they keep up with them on social media too.

The new season should include plenty of fun moments with the Bates family. Per UPtv, “Bringing Up Bates Season 10 is full of major life moments and changes for everyone in the family. The married couples are continuing to grow their families as we see pregnancy announcements and gender reveals all season. Katie and Travis work on their relationship and may be headed for another big step. But this season is not just about the girls and their pending nuptials…will the new season finally see a Bates boy headed to the altar?”

So, will you be tuning in to watch the special episode of Bringing Up Bates? Are you excited for the Bates family to return to UPtv? Let us know in the comments section below.

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‘Bringing Up Bates’ Season 10 Confirmed: When Does It Air?

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