‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown And The Great Dog Debate

Sister Wives Kody Brown dogs

Sister Wives viewers have a knack for making Kody Brown out to be the villain. One of the driving forces behind this is how he treats each wife differently. Specifically, it seems that things aren’t getting better for him and Meri. All the while, it is perceived that he spends a disproportionate amount of time with Robyn and her kids. His stance on dogs probably doesn’t help either. Keep reading to find out why Twitter is riled up over Kody Brown and dogs.

The Twitterverse calls Kody out about dogs

All of this drama about dogs began while Sister Wives Kody Brown was tweeting along with the most recent episode of the show. Somehow, among all of the tweets about Kody explaining how he feels about Utah decriminalizing plural marriages, the topic of dogs is brought up.

To get this whole thing rolling, Kody Brown replies to a follower on his Twitter. The remark reads as follows. “Dogs- get a lint brush. You’re selfish. Dogs are not an inconvenience.” While there are worse things that Kody has been called, was being called selfish warranted? Keep reading to find out.

In his response, Kody Brown explains his feelings towards dogs. “If you have dog hair allergies then it really is,” he writes in response to saying that dogs are an inconvenience. He further validates his stance by saying, “It is a question of health and well-being… not selfish.”

The Sister Wives patriarch is around dogs, some

All of this to say, that Kody Brown doesn’t completely isolate himself from pet dogs. He explains that there are three dogs at Janelle’s home. “So I’m not without dogs,” tweets Kody. “I’m just uninterested in more at this time. We have had much dog drama,” continues the TLC star.

Surprisingly, there is someone that agrees with Kody Brown and his stance on dogs. One fan writes, “Agreed. It’s better not to get one than to have one and be miserable. However, there are many more snide comments than nice comments in response to these tweets.

One entertaining comment reads, “Dogs probably don’t like Kody. Dogs are great judges of characters.” Which makes sense. Not only that, but Meri has all but said that she prefers the company of dogs over Kody’s.

Another comment brings out one of the nuances of the Browns’ current living situation. “Your family your rules. I can’t say your house cause technically at this time it’s the wives houses.” This begs the question, if the Browns were to live in one big house again, would Janelle have to rehome the dogs?

What do you think about Kody Brown and his stance on dogs? Let us know in the comment section. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more Sister Wives news.

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