Candace Cameron Bure Just Announced Her New Devotional

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Candace Cameron Bure just released a new Bible before Lent. The One Step Closer devotional Bible sold-out and hit No. 1 on Amazon’s Christian Faith Books list. Now, she has a new devotional Bible that her fans and followers can bring to church with them on Sundays. The Hallmark Channel star continues to share her Christian faith with a whole new DaySpring collection.

She’s made it clear that she wants to spread love and peace on social media. Candace has been using her Instagram platform to read Bible verses and share inspirational quotes. Oftentimes, she talks about her love of reading the Bible.

Candace Cameron Bure announces new DaySpring collection

On Tuesday, March 23, Candace Cameron Bure posted a new carousel via Instagram. Both the clip and photo showed a beautiful new devotional called Radical Kindness. The cover features a photo of a cactus with an orange flower at the top. It reads, “Jesus every day. Devotional guide.” In the caption, Candace talked about the importance of kindness.

“Kindness is golden and not just any kind of kindness, but the radical kind!” the Aurora Teagarden star wrote. “My new devotional guide ‘Radical Kindness’ encourages you to go out of your way and show the same kindness that Jesus extends to us every single day.”

The devotional won’t come out until April 6, but it is available for pre-order. Fans can also get free shipping when they place their order on the DaySpring website. In the clip, Candace said she wanted to “give a little sneak peek” at her “little devo guide.” She’s been inspired by how her fans use their own devotional guides.

[Credit: Candace Cameron Bure/Instagram]
[Credit: Candace Cameron Bure/Instagram]
The Fuller House star revealed that this new devotional guide will “encourage” and “energize” fans to “show radical kindness in the world.” But that’s not all. It also gives examples of acts of radical kindness in the Bible. While the Radical Kindness devotional guide comes out after Easter, it debuts on Candace’s birthday. So, this makes this announcement even more exciting for her.

How the DaySpring collection can inspire other women

Candace Cameron Bure has developed a loyal following with her DaySpring collections. Not only is she the self-proclaimed “Queen of Christmas,” but she’s also a devout Christian. Fans love seeing what uplifting messages she plans to share on social media. In an exclusive interview with E! News, Candace explained that she “wanted to bring inspiration” to this world.

“In a world filled with aspiration, I wanted to bring inspiration. I want women to know that they can!” Candace said. “They can when they rely on the strength of God. As for all the Candace Cameron Bure products, they are inspirational, faith-driven, relatable, useful, contemporary, and stylish. My intention is to put beautiful, fun, and energizing tools in your life to motivate you and give you the daily encouragement and inspiration you need to refresh your soul.”

Candace calls her brand a “mindstyle brand.” There are plenty of other products in the DaySpring collection, which range from ceramic mugs to t-shirts and welcome home doormats. What are your thoughts on Candace’s new devotional? Have you read her other ones? Sound off below in the comments.

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