‘OutDaughtered’: Busby Quint Mermaids Enjoy The Pool

OutDaughtered Quints swimming pool

OutDaughtered fans sometimes feel a bit envious of the Busby quints and their sister, Blayke as they live in a nice place with an awesome pool. Now that spring arrived, the kids enjoy their pool, and they looked super-cute wearing their mermaid swimming accessories. Lined up in a row with their friends, it looked like a fairytale photo on Danielle’s Instagram.

OutDaughtered quints spend time in their sparkling pool

Last year, in early February, we reported that the lucky quints enjoyed their pool. While the rest of the country still felt chilly, they enjoyed long and lazy days under clear Texan skies. Recall, the Busby family moved into the new place temporarily when their home underwent mold renovations. That all unfolded in Season 5 of the TLC show. The kids just fell in love with the pool. And eventually, their parents purchased the home. Actually, one end of the pool comes with a tub at one end. So, even in cooler weather, they all enjoy themselves.

While the OutDaughtered quints enjoyed the pool this weekend, the fine weather might not last all that long. Accuweather reported that in the next few days, snow returns to higher areas like from Washington to Northern California. Meanwhile, Texas might experience thunderstorms and heavy rain around about Thursday this week. So, it looks like the kids made the most of a beautifully warm weekend. Danielle shared about it on her Instagram on Sunday. It might not actually be the pool at their house though, as they recently visited the Woodlands Resort near Houston.

Mermaids all in a poolside row

In the photo that the OutDaughtered mom shared, fans agreed that the quints looked very cute. They all wore their mermaid swimsuits. Varying in color, the bright picture made a pleasant sight, fans thought. Danielle captioned her post with, “Sisters, friends, beautiful weather and mermaid tails 🧜‍♀️…I say today is a good one!” Plus, she added the hashtags, “#spring #summeriscoming #besties #sisters #itsabuzzworld.” Nearly 80k fans loved the photo of the mermaid quints. And about 500 comments about the “precious” kids went in.

One OutDaughtered fan wrote, “Little mermaids. So cute!” And another one said, “They are so used to posing … so cute.” However, some critics cautioned that swimming with the mermaid tails might present a drowning hazard. So they urged the Busby parents to “stay close.” However, others noticed that all the kids wore “wings/floaties.” And more of them talked about how Adam and Danielle always keep a close eye on the kids in the swimming pool.

OutDaughtered Quints Mermaids Pool
Credit: dbusby | Instagram

What did you think of the cute photo of the OutDaughtered quints playing at being mermaids in the pool? Do you think they look really cute? Or, do you think that the tails might endanger the kids and possibly cause a drowning incident? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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