My 600-lb Life: Angela Johns

‘My 600-lb Life’ Update on Angela Johns: Where is She Now?

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My 600-lb Life cast member Angela Johns had a lot of baggage coming into the TLC weight-loss show. Before she ever stepped on the scale for Dr Now, she had a lot of issues from past trauma to deal with. Where is she today?

My 600-lb Life: Angela Johns’ TLC Journey

Angela had an abusive upbringing. Due to that trauma from her home life, the My 600-lb Life star also developed an addiction to drugs as a young adult. So even before she stepped on the scale in Dr Now’s office in Houston, she had a lot to deal with aside from her weight.

At the start of her episode on Season 7 of My 600-lb Life, Angela Johns clocked in at 643 pounds. It was clear at that point that if she wanted to turn her life around for the long haul, she would have to do something drastic. Meanwhile, even after making the trek from Ohio to Texas, Angela Johns soon learned that she would have to drop a significant amount of weight to even qualify for the coveted weight-loss surgery.

Tough Road for TLC Star

Like many My 600-lb Life cast members that get on Dr Now’s program, Angela Johns was resistant to change. Angela scoffed at Dr Now’s suggestions. In her mind, his diet plan was “bullish**.” Going on a weight-loss journey of this magnitude is already quite the undertaking for anyone. Meanwhile, Angela Johns didn’t do herself any favors on the new program.

As My 600-lb Life watchers found out, Angela Johns was her own worst enemy during filming. Turns out, she went back to her drug habit while under Dr Now’s care. Meanwhile, the fact that she only lost 49 pounds in eight months was a major red flag that something was up.

My 600-lb Life: Angela Johns
My 600-lb Life: Angela Johns/Facebook

My 600-lb Life Star Turns Things Around in a Big Way

Judging by Angela Johns’ progress on her My 600-lb Life episode, things didn’t look good for her. However, she really turned things around since filming her episode for TLC. She stuck with Dr Now’s program and managed to drop a significant amount of weight. Meanwhile, she even qualified for weight-loss surgery.

Unfortunately for Angela Johns, her husband left her – and she even had her home in Texas broken into. Even dealing with all of that, she managed to keep a positive attitude – and keep her progress moving. In addition to that, she seems to have moved on with her love life as well. According to her latest Facebook status, she is in a relationship with a man named William.

In addition, based on the latest pics from the My 600-lb Life star, she keeps the weight off as well. So despite a rocky start from Angela Johns, she really turned things around when it counted.

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