Rachael Kirkconnell Asks Followers To STOP The Racist Hate Messages Against Matt

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Bachelor Nation fans are not happy with Matt James. On Monday’s Bachelor season finale, the real estate broker gave his final rose to 24-year-old graphic designer Rachael Kirkconnell. Matt skipped the expected-but-not-required proposal. Instead, he wanted to take his romance with Rachael slowly. 

But by the time the After the Final Rose taped earlier this month, their romance had come to a screeching halt. As a result, angry Bachelor Nation fans left hateful messages on Matt James’ social media. 

Why Did Matt Break Up With Rachael? 

In real-life, filming Season 25 was done by December 2020. Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell were in love and planning a future together. What happened? 

In January, rumors of racially insensitive behavior from Rachael’s past began circulating on social media. By February, photos of her attending an ‘Old South’ party went viral.

At first, neither ABC or Rachael addressed the photos. Then in early February, Chris Harrison went on Extra to defend Rachael Kirkconnell during an interview with Rachel Lindsay. His defense of Rachael came off as racially ignorant, causing more problems for the franchise. 

Shortly afterward, Rachael released an apology statement and Chris Harrison took a step back from his hosting duties. 

While Matt James tried to stand by Rachael during the controversy, it became too much. He ultimately broke it off. 

Rachael SLAMS Racist Messages 

Matt and Rachael reunited to rehash their breakup on After the Final Rose. Many fans didn’t like the way Matt treated Rachael, even refusing to hug her at one point. 

Many fans simply don’t think Rachael did anything wrong by attending the ‘Old South’-themed sorority party. Nor do they think Chris Harrison should take a break from the show. There’s a lot of anger and frustration from fans on both sides of the issue. 

That anger and frustration resulted in numerous nasty messages to and about Matt. Rachael saw some of the comments and was “taken aback.” 

She took to her Instagram Story to call out her followers for “attacking” her former flame. 

She wrote that the type of behavior she’s been seeing online is not what she wants. In fact, if her followers think it is, they “haven’t been listening.” 

Furthermore, she “respects” Matt’s choice to end their relationship. 

She ends her IG Story slide by telling fans to stop the hate. 

Credit: Rachael Kirkconnell/Instagram
Credit: Rachael Kirkconnell/Instagram

Is There a Chance for Matt & Rachael? 

Rachael and Matt clearly still care very much about one another. Is there a chance they could get back together? Not any time soon. 

During ATFR, Matt was adamant that they couldn’t rekindle their romance right now. Us Weekly reports that Matt James essentially closed the door to a reunion. 

Do you think Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell might get back together? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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