Is Rachel Beaver On ‘16 & Pregnant’ Season 6?

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Rachel Beaver confused fans on Tuesday when she promo’d new episodes of 16 & Pregnant on her Instagram. Initially cast in the series Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, fans are now curious if she will be doing a cross-over. So, what’s the sitch? Read on to get the details.

Rachel Beaver Promos New Season of 16 & Pregnant

Tuesday evening, Young and Pregnant cast member, Rachel Beaver, made a post on Instagram that had followers scratching their heads. The post contains the preview trailer for the new episodes of 16 & Pregnant, which started on MTV later that night. The show had been on a mid-season break and is now airing the second half of Season 6.

So, why are fans confused?

Fans found the fact that Rachel was posting promo vids for 16 & Pregnant a bit confusing because that is not her home series. In fact, fans wondered if the post was a hint that Rachel might be switching series or at the very least making an appearance in the new episodes of returning series.                                                                                         

Will Rachel Be Appearing in New Episodes of  16 & Pregnant 

While we love a good cross-over episode as much as the next reality lover, this one is just not on the books. For one thing, Rachel is nearly 20. Being on 16 & Pregnant doesn’t make much sense at this point as the show focuses on 16-year-old moms-to-be. Additionally, Rachel now has two children, so being on the show that follows first-time moms would throw off the show’s vibe.

Not only is Rachel moving to 16 & Pregnant unlikely – there has also been no evidence of a possible switch. New episodes of the show return to MTV tonight and Rachel Beaver has not been seen in any of the promotional videos or previews. She also has not given any inclination on social media that she would be participating in Young and Pregnant’s sister show.

Video Credit: Instagram| Rachel Beaver

Is Rachel Coming Back to Young and Pregnant Next Season?

As of right now, we have no definitive answer about whether Rachel will return to Young and Pregnant.  The show’s official Instagram page doesn’t feature any upcoming clips of her episodes, however, it might be that the crew just wrapped on some new episodes recently.

Rachel Beaver's Mom Instagram Post
Photo Credit: Instagram|@stephbplo


As you may know, each girl is paired with an MTV producer and crew that films with them. On Instagram recently, Rachel’s mom, Steph Polo, made a post thanking their filming crew. “Like our second family,” she wrote, “We love you all and will miss you all very much.”

Fans immediately reacted by asking if the show was canceled or if Rachel was leaving the show. Steph responded to numerous comments without giving much information at all. “Stay tuned,” she replied to one fan, “you’ll find out soon enough.”

Our guess is that the filming crew was likely leaving after having finished filming for the season. We will, however, stay tuned for new episodes to find out if Rachel Beaver will be staying with the cast of Young & Pregnant or if she will be moving on.

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