Blayke Busby Adds Sweet Personalized Touch To A Gift From Her Parents

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Danielle and Adam Busby decided to soften the blow of Blayke embracing virtual schooling for a little longer by giving her a gift. They figured it was the least they could do to make going to school at home a little easier on Blayke while her sisters prepared to return to a more traditional school setting. Blayke really loved the gift her parents presented her with. And, she was quick to give it a personalized touch. What gift did Adam and Danielle Busby give Blayke? Keep reading for the details.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from OutDaughtered Season 8, Episode 4 titled “Kindergarten Quints.” If you haven’t watched the episode yet, proceed with caution.

What gift did Danielle and Adam give Blayke?

Adam and Danielle took Blayke to her bedroom to reveal a gift they got for her. Blayke instantly lit up. She was thrilled. Adam and Danielle presented her with a new desk set up and decorated for her new school year. They even had the desk decked out with fairy lights to make it extra beautiful and fun.

Blayke immediately ran to the other side of her room to grab a picture frame to add to her desk. The picture frame featured a picture of Adam Busby holding Blayke shortly after she was born. Danielle reveals this is one of Blayke’s very favorite pictures. It is incredibly special to her. So, it wasn’t too surprising to see her rush to add that personalized touch to her desk.

Off-limits to the Busby quints

Initially, the Busby quints were a little disappointed when Adam and Danielle explained they only had a surprise for Blayke. But, that didn’t seem to last too long. The quints followed into the room to see what the surprise was. Danielle was quick to make it crystal clear the entire desk area was off-limits to everyone but Blayke because it was for school.

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Did you think it was sweet that Blayke Busby decided to add a picture of her and her father to the desk? What did you think of the special gift Adam and Danielle got their oldest daughter? More importantly, do you think the quints left her desk alone? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

OutDaughtered Season 8, Episode 4 titled “Kindergarten Quints” airs tonight only on TLC. Those who can’t wait until tonight to tune into the newest episode featuring the Busby family can check it out now via discovery+. Have been staying current with Season 8? Stick with us for the latest OutDaughtered related news.

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