Roger Howarth Comes Back To ‘GH’ As Another Character, But Who?

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Franco Baldwin is barely cold on GH and fans are suggesting he’s not really dead. Roger Howarth already confirmed that he will return to the soap. When and in what role is something fans are hotly debating.

When Will Roger Howarth Return to GH?

It’s been almost a week since Roger Howarth made his on-screen exit from the ABC sudser. Within hours of the episode airing, he broke his silence about his future with the show. The soap vet assured fans that he isn’t going anywhere.

But he was careful not to give any specific details. Most soaps plan shocking returns around sweeps week. The next sweeps period is May, followed by November sweeps. It’s highly likely that Roger Howarth will make his way back to Port Charles during one of those time periods. 

In the meantime, he is spending his free time by raising money for charity on Cameo. Any proceeds from the shout-out videos go to Feeding America. 

Fans shouldn’t expect to see Roger Howarth for a while. But who will he play upon his return? The options are endless. 

Is Franco Really Dead?

Franco (Roger Howarth) was shot and killed on the March 9th episode of GH. Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst), Cam (William Lipton), and Scott (Kin Shriner) have been in mourning since. 

However, wild fan speculation suggests that Franco may not be dead after all. Port Charles residents are fantastic at faking their own deaths. Some fans think that Jason (Steve Burton) could be hiding a very-much-alive Franco. 

Even Cam explored the idea in a recent episode. He speculated that Franco faked his death to spare his loved ones from seeing the brain tumor take him out. And in Cam’s mind, Jason helped.

Cam snuck into the morgue and saw Franco’s body. But that doesn’t necessarily mean Franco couldn’t return. This is a soap, after all. 

Is GH Resurrecting Drew? 

Another popular fan theory is that Roger Howarth could be a Drew recast. At the moment, Drew is considered dead, but a body was never found.

Alternately, there’s a rumor that Billy Miller could be returning as Drew. Billy Miller originally joined GH as a Jason recast after Steve Burton left the role. However, Steve Burton eventually returned and Billy Miller’s Jason became a previously-unknown twin, Drew. 

Now that Sam (Kelly Monaco) is single, fans want Drew to return and rekindle their romance.

OLTL Fans Want Todd Manning Back

Todd Manning is arguably Roger Howarth’s most-loved character. After One Life to Live was cancelled, Howarth briefly brought Todd to GH. That didn’t last long because Prospect Park owned the rights to the character. Todd Manning left town because the production company was plotting a reboot of OLTL.

A legal battle prevented GH from bringing Todd Manning back to canvas. However, Soap Hub reports that Prospect Park no longer owns the rights, freeing up several OLTL characters. 

One fan suggests bringing most of the Manning family to Port Charles. The fan wants to see Kassie DePaiva (Blair Cramer) and Kristen Alderson (Starr) on General Hospital. 

The soap has yet to drop any hints about Roger Howarth’s return. Drop your best guess in the comment section. 

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. 

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