‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Calls Out ‘Faithful Fan’ In Defense of Robyn

Meri Brown defends Robyn on Twitter

Sister Wives fans enjoy following their favorite members of the Brown family on Twitter. However, it seems that some Twitter followers like to take things a little too far. Recently, Meri Brown has taken to Twitter to defend herself on several occasions. This time it also seems like Meri is defending Robyn. Keep reading to find out what goes down between Meri and a Twitter user.

Twitter is confused about how long Robyn Brown has been on Sister Wives

It goes without saying that Sister Wives fans are all too familiar with the ups and downs of Kody and Meri Brown’s relationship. Initially, things seem to be going great for the fundamentalist polygamist family on the hit TLC show. However, along the way, something leads the couple to seem estranged. Long story short, this leads to a lot of speculation about the causes of tension between Kody and his first wife, Meri.

A lot of the speculation comes from the fact that fans feel like things started to go downhill for Sister Wives Kody and Meri Brown after Robyn is added to the mix. Which is understandably upsetting for diehard Kody and Meri fans. However, members of the Brown family repeatedly mention how Robyn has nothing to do with marital problems between Kody and his first wife.


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Meri Brown defends herself… again

Meri Brown takes to Twitter to defend herself…again. One person on Twitter says, “I used to watch the show faithfully TILL Cody brought Robin around! My opinion she has ruined the show…” However, the comment doesn’t stop there. “I love the other 3 wives buy now it’s like they spend more time on Robin I can’t even stand to hear her talk and it’s always some kind of drama with her SMDH.”

And while this could easily be an isolated incident of one person not realizing that Robyn has been a part of the show since the beginning, that’s not the case. There is another comment that says, “No [Robyn] wasn’t on in the beginning.” To which Sister Wives Meri Brown responds, “Oh yes, she was. First episode.”

Next, Meri goes on to address the initial comment about Robyn’s entrance on Sister Wives. Meri tweets, “Oh so you watched the first 15 minutes faithfully? (sic) Thanks you! Because Robyn has been on since about 20 minutes in on the very first episode.”

Most of the fan comments in response seem to be on Meri’s side. However, one person tries to defend the original comment and provides a theory for the confusion. “I don’t know if she meant to say when Robyn legally became the wife and you and Kody divorced or not. But that’s when we all saw a change. It was real and it changed everything. Kody speaks about you terribly. That’s on him. Robyn knows she’s the favorite.”

How do you feel about Sister Wives Meri Brown defending Robyn’s presence on the show? Let us know in the comment section below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about your favorite TLC stars.

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