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Exclusive: ‘Love After Lockup’ Tracie Wagaman Brady Talks Clint Divorce

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Recently fans of Love After Lockup heard the news that Clint Brady filed for divorce from Tracie Wagaman Brady. TV Shows Ace got the chance to talk to Tracie exclusively and find out her side of this story. It turns out that she hasn’t even been served with divorce papers at this time.

Tracie Wagaman Brady talks divorce

The news came out recently that Clint filed for divorce. Did you know that this was coming?

“This week is the first time I have seen proof that the paperwork was filed. Prior to this week I have just heard from a friend of his that he filed for divorce months ago. According to the Clermont County Court records, the ONLY papers that have been filed were filed on March 3rd of this year.”

Is it true he also filed a restraining order against you? If so, why?

“It is true that one has been filed. I have been advised that a mutual restraining order is not uncommon in most divorces, other than that I do not know why.”

Was Tracie served with papers?

Have you been served yet?

“I have never been served with papers. It is important to me that people know that because Clint’s friend has made several public statements that the delay in finalizing the divorce is because of my refusal to sign the paperwork.

Clint’s friend has also said on the record that the paperwork was sent to my Mother’s house months ago and that my Mother returned it. My Mother has never received any paperwork, I’m not sure why she would since she is not divorcing Clint, and she is not a liar.

I have had counsel check the Clermont County Records site and as of noon today only a deposit has been made to file the divorce papers. The fee for the MUTUAL restraining order, the fee to run the legal notice in the paper and the fee to docket the case with the judge had not yet been paid.

The paperwork was delivered to Clint’s former address in Ohio, for some reason, and it was returned because he has been evicted from that apartment because he has been in jail.”

Tonight was the big finale of Life After Lockup. A new season of this hit show will return in June on WEtv. In the meantime, you can watch Mama June on Friday nights in its place.

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