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How Old Is Ella Grace? Pumpkin Efird’s Cute Daughter

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Ella Grace, the daughter of Pumpkin Efird, and the granddaughter of Mama June Shannon seems very cute these days. Pretty as a button, fans adore her. And who can forget last season where fans saw her asking about her grandma during Family Crisis? WEtv fans don’t see much of her on the show, but hopefully, lots of scenes feature her in the upcoming Road to Redemption. So, how old is she now?

Ella Grace stole a lot of hearts for her cuteness

In Family Crisis, fans saw that her aunt, Honey Boo Boo entered her niece in her first pageant. We reported that Pumpkin and Josh didn’t really want her in those shows. But Honey Boo Boo seemed so down about her mom’s estrangement, they allowed it. For the first time in the season, fans saw Alana Thompson looking excited and happy again. Recall, Sugar bear’s wife Jennifer also entered her grandchild Harper. Fans hated that she seemingly couldn’t help stealing something special from June’s daughters.

A steady stream of photos of Ella Grace comes from her mom. And in September last year, she shared a gorgeous photo of her daughter. Mama June, at the time living in Florida, commented about cute little “Tinks.” Incredibly, a critic trolled on the child. And the family always close ranks in defense of each other. Fans wondered how on earth anyone could troll in such a cutie pie. Actually, she stole a lot of hearts, especially when she asked her mom where June was. That came during June’s estrangement from her family.

How old is Pumpkin’s cute little girl?

Ella Grace turned three-years-old in December 2020. Fans literally saw her grow before their eyes. Born on  December 8, 2017, she becomes increasingly popular with fans. On her birthday, Pumpkin went out of her way to make sure Ella Grace enjoyed her special day. The Mama June: From Not to Hot star, popped a gallery of about ten photos. And WEtv fans agreed she looked very cute in her blue top and blue tutu-style skirt. In the photos, the sweet kid smiled that signature smile that fans love so much.

Pumpkin Celebrates Ella Grace Turning Three Years Old

Pumpkin Efird shared photos of Ella Grace soon after her birth. People released some of them. She weighed in at 7lb 14oz and arrived just after 5.00 a.m. One of the cutest ones revealed her rather surprised look as she was held “in front of a whiteboard that read, ‘Welcome baby girl Ella!!” Well, we hunted around Instagram and came up with a selection of photos that showed how the baby grew into a charming toddler.

Ella Grace Pumpkin Efird daughter Age
Pumpkin Efird | Instagram

With Road to Redemption premiering on March 19 at 9 PM ET/PT on WEtv, fans hope for a few more glimpses into the life of cute little Ella Grace.

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