My 600 lb Life: Mercedes Cephas

‘My 600-lb Life’ Update on Mercedes Cephas: Where Is She Now?

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My 600-lb Life cast member Mercedes Cephas had a rough go of things long before she went on the TLC program. Where is Dr Now’s former patient these days?

My 600-lb Life: Mercedes Cephas Got Off to a Rough Start

A big part of what gets My 600-lb Life stars to their number on the scale has to do with childhood trauma. Many cast members were neglected as children. And as a result, they turned to food to cope. In Mercedes Cephas’ case, she was assaulted by her father. And as it turned out, he also terrorized her siblings.

Abuse from a family member is a common theme among My 600-lb Life participants. And in Mercedes Cephas’ case, it led to her tipping the scale. In addition, she relied on her young children to help with care. And by the time she got to Houston to see Dr Now, she was in dire need of his help.

Mercedes Struggled on the New Program

When Mercedes Cephas finally got to Houston, it was clear she had a lot of work to do. She clocked in at 773 pounds. Meanwhile, in addition to the weight, she also had a severe case of lymphedema to contend with as well. So there was a lot on her plate in more ways than one for the TLC star.

Getting on Dr. Now’s My 600-lb Life program is no cakewalk for the participants. He keeps his patients on a strict 1200-calorie diet. And that includes eliminating a lot of the foods that they regularly find comfort in. And it proved to be too difficult an adjustment for Mercedes Cephas.

By the time her My 600-lb Life episode was all said and done, she had only lost 80 pounds total. This is a far cry from the results the good doctor expects from his TLC patients. Not surprisingly, she didn’t qualify for skin removal surgery. And rather than embrace the process and take Dr. Now’s advice, Mercedes came back with excuses for why she never hit her targets.

My 600 lb Life: Mercedes Cephas
My 600 lb Life: Mercedes Cephas/Facebook

Where is the My 600-lb Life Star Now?

Usually, it’s a matter of life and death when My 600-lb Life patients finally see Dr. Now. But based on Mercedes’ results on the show, she clearly had other ideas for the way she wanted her life to go. Turns out, she currently lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. And from the looks of it, she also keeps the weight on.

Most of her picture updates are from the neck up, so you really can’t get an accurate look at her current weight. But, for better or worse, she seems happy doing her own thing – especially now that she is off the My 600-lb Life weight-loss program.

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