‘MAFS’ How Much Is Vincent Morales Really Worth?

MAFS from Instagram Vincent Net Worth

MAFS Vincent Morales has it all. He has a beautiful wife who can pull her own weight. He is the CEO of VMR Enterprise USA. And the founding president of VMR Auto Sales. The 27-year-old Dominican Republic native has worked hard for his success. And a deeper look into his finances shows his estimated net worth.

Vincent Goes From Working For Dealerships To Working For Himself

After graduating from Northampton Community College, Vincent began his journey with car salesmanship. His experience includes working at United BMW as a client advisor. He also worked at Audi Atlanta for a short period of time. After he leaves the company, he switches gears and starts his own. Vincent is now the founder of VMR Enterprise USA and VMR Auto Sales. With these endeavors, Vincent has built himself a very comfortable life. His net worth is estimated at about $800,000.

MAFS Vincent has set himself and his wife up for success with his hard work. And with his net worth combined with Briana’s, they are the definition of a power couple. They say money can’t buy happiness. And even though Briana and Vincent can definitely afford it. They have all the happiness in their marriage without the money.


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MAFS Briana tells Vincent She’s “Growing In Love” With Him

Briana knows that she is truly in love with somebody when she is no longer looking for their flaws. And when she truly accepts someone for who they are without overthinking. In the most recent episode of Married at First Sight, Vincent tells Briana that he thinks they are going to be able to say “I love you” to each other soon. Briana admits to Vincent that she is already in love with him and she’s “growing in love” with him every day. Vincent returns the same sentiment, telling Briana he loves her.

MAFS Vincent goes on to teach Briana Spanish by giving her four words a day. He reveals how much his Spanish heritage means to him, “I’m extremely proud of heritage, being Dominican, and I can see Briana in my life forever. So, I want her to learn the language.”

He also doesn’t want his wife to feel left out at family events where most of his family speaks Spanish. And Briana is committed to the learning experience. Fans of the show think the experts matched Briana and Vincent perfectly. Many viewers are comparing their achievements and ambitions to season 11 couple, Amani and Woody.

Watch Briana and Vincent work their magic together on Married at First Sight on Lifetime on Wednesdays at 8 p.m.

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