Will Survivor Season 41 Happen? Here’s What We Know

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Survivor fans have been in a serious show-hole since the close of Season 40Production for Season 41 was postponed indefinitely back in 2020 due to Covid. Now fans are begging for an update on their favorite show. Will Survivor Season 41 happen? Here’s what we know.

What Happened to Survivor Season 41?

The 41st season of Survivor was set to film early in 2020. Due to the worldwide Covid-19 production was completely shut down. The network released a statement that they were postponing production indefinitely until a time when it was deemed safe to resume. Additionally, filming permits for the location could not be acquired, as extra precautions were being taken by those authorities as well.

It’s been almost a year now since the world went into hiding and now fans are asking when we can expect Survivor to resume production. The good news? It looks like filming will be starting a lot sooner than man fans expected.

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What is the Location for Season 41?

If you were following Survivor news prior to the pandemic outbreak last year, you likely saw that the planned destination for Season 41 was the island country of Fiji. The country of Fiji is an archipelago consisting of 300 or more small islands – most of which are uninhabited.

Now, in the wake of the recently released Covid-19 vaccines, the film and television industries are starting to loosen restrictions. FBC News reports that the network was finally able to secure filming and travel permits from the Fijian Ministry of Commerce. The cast and crew staggered their arrival per the request of Fijian travel authorities.  The Fijian Minister of Commerce, Faiyaz Koya, says that is likely for the best. He reported recently that they are following all recommendations from the Ministry of health. Staggered travel allows them to take extra precautions to protect the crew and the Fijian citizens.

Who is on the Cast List for Survivor? 

While Survivor Season 41 is just starting to film, the cast was selected more than a year ago. CBS might have retained the entire cast they planned, however, – there’s a possibility some unadvertised contestant changes may have occurred. In the last few months, CBS has acquired a ‘50% diversity target’.  According to Looper, they are now requiring any new casting to include at least 50% BIPOC.

To date, there were no cast lists released for the 41st season of Survivor  –but with the new policies – it is entirely possible that major recasting may have had to occur prior to the crew being able to resume filming. This comes on the heels of the recent scandal in the Bachelor franchise – which fans quickly pointed out the show has never really been very diverse in casting.

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Jeff Probst Returns

Survivor fans everywhere can rest assured that while many changes and delays have happened – their favorite host will remain. Jeff Probst has been the face of the Survivor series since it began 21 years ago. The 59-year-old celeb has appeared in every episode and has no plans on leaving anytime soon.

When Will the New Season of Survivor Air?

If you follow the show’s typical schedule, CBS typically films two seasons of the show back to back during the summer. One will air as the fall season with the second airing the following spring. If we follow typically expected scheduling for the show – fans could possibly get a new fix of their favorite adventure reality series in the fall of 2021!

So, are you excited for the newest season of Survivor? Yeah, we are too! Stay tuned to TV Shows Ace for all the latest show updates, schedules, and Survivor news.

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