My 600 lb Life: Steven Assanti

‘My 600-lb Life’: Steven Assanti Goes Ham On Fans

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My 600-lb Life cast member Steven Assanti recently went ham on fans. Arguably the most controversial TLC celeb from the franchise, Steven always has something to say. What did he reveal this time around?

My 600-lb Life: Steven Assanti One of the More Controversial Stars

Sometimes, My 600-lb Life cast members make a name for themselves after they are a success with Dr Now’s weight-loss program. But in Steven Assanti’s case, he is the exact opposite. His time on the TLC show was a dumpster fire. He didn’t follow Dr Now’s program – and he was combative at every turn.

Meanwhile, he continues that off-camera as well. He regularly stirs up controversy. And it’s a big part of why many My 600-lb Life watchers keep up with his antics. You never know quite what he will do or say next. And that’s a major reason why people continue to tune in.

Steven Goes on Latest Rant

Steven Assanti’s latest social media rant targeted what he called “two-faced haters.” The My 600-lb Life star called out all the people talking “sh**” about him online. And, a visibly angry Steven reminded people that he has feelings too. And as is the case for him, he added some dramatic flair to his latest rant.

Driving home the point of people being “two-faced,” he filmed his latest segment with a mirror. Meanwhile, as with most updates from Steven Assanti, his latest musings drew mixed reactions from his followers. There are a select few that support him. Meanwhile, there is also another group of people that egg him on and antagonize him. Either way, it’s a continuous supply of drama for anyone that follows his antics off-camera.

My 600 lb Life: Steven Assanti
My 600 lb Life: Steven Assanti/Instagram

My 600-lb Life Star Keeps Viewers on Their Toes

Whether you love him or hate him, there’s no doubt that Steven Assanti has a way of stirring up all kinds of My 600-lb Life drama. He is a polarizing figure from the franchise. And as he said himself recently, he has a lot of haters that are “two-faced.” Still, even with all the hate coming his way, Steven Assanti seems to stay the course and do his own thing – whatever that might be on any given day. And for better or worse, he always finds ways to keep things interesting.

He even said that he is considering adopting a special needs child. But given the fact that he struggles to take care of himself at times, some people think it’s a bad idea. In addition, when it comes to anything Steven Assanti says, most viewers tend to take it with a grain of salt. Either way, he keeps both fans and haters coming back for more.

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