Did Amy Halterman Wash Her Feet Before Baby’s Birth?

Amy Halterman Baby Gage

Amy Halterman finally gave birth to her baby on 1000-LB Sisters. But fans seem focused on her filthy feet. During previous episodes, TLC fans dragged her for not washing her black feet. Actually, some people wonder why TLC shows their home looking rather dirty as well. And some fans even slammed her for dirty pillows by her baby. Some fans questioned if she really lives with so much filth around, or if TLC just edits it like that.

Amy Halterman gives birth fans focus on her feet

We reported in early February, that 1000-LB Sisters fans noticed how slovenly Tammy and her sister Amy seem. Even Micheal looks grubby and disheveled sometimes. Fan know that with their obesity the women might not be able to reach their intimate parts. But some of them wonder why someone could help them choose outfits without holes? Or, outfits that look recently laundered. And when they saw Amy’s blackened feet on the show, many fans asked why someone couldn’t wash them for her.

Amy Halterman probably learned very quickly that eagle-eyed TLC fans look carefully for clues as to their lifestyle. So, it came as no huge surprise that when she finally birthed her baby, grubby scenes emerged. Actually, some fans think the whole house looks rather “crusty.” And when Amy shared photos of Gage on Instagram, fans went crazy over the dirty pillow behind the baby. Now people focus on her feet during the birth.

Did the 1000-LB Sisters star wash her feet?

Amy Halterman delivered her baby by C-Section. Heavy reminds fans it came in “the episode entitled, ‘Labor of Love.” The baby went off for some formula as Gage’s sugar was a bit low. And actually, fans never saw her feet at all. Nevertheless, they talked about it on Twitter.

One fan commented, “All I can Think about while Amy’s in The hospital about to give birth is, I hope she took a bath & that her feet are not black.” And one fan thought that comment seemed quite funny. They replied by writing, “lmao.”

Well, it’s a valid question. After all, fans pretty much went over the top discussing her feet at the end of February. One Amy Halterman critic wrote, “Why does Amy let her feet be all dirty like that? So disgusting. I hate to see what her bedsheets look like.”

Another person commented, “Amy’s feet look like she’s walked to hell and back.”

What do you think about Amy Halterman maybe giving birth to Gage without washing her feet first? Is it that important? After all, it seems obvious that medical professionals must often come across some rather grubby A&E patients. Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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