Taylor Nolan Faces Possible Investigation Over Surfaced Hate Tweets

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Bachelor in Paradise alum Taylor Nolan faces a possible investigation over her surfaced hate tweets. The tweets came to light this past week and brought her world crashing down. Taylor claims she was a different person during the time the tweets were made. However, the fact she could be so insensitive and hateful has many wondering if they can trust her at all.

Taylor Nolan faces a possible investigation

Page Six shared that Taylor Nolan could be facing an investigation into her past hate tweets. Taylor is a licensed mental health counselor and also studying to be a sexologist. Now, that license could be in jeopardy over tweets she made nearly ten years ago.

It has come to light that Taylor may be facing an investigation from the Washington State Department of Health. A DOH spokesperson named Gordon MacCracken said, “This week, we’ve received multiple complaints against Nolan in connection with the issues you mentioned. Those complaints are under assessment. Patient safety is our top priority, and we take all complaints seriously.”

The DOH also said they are reviewing the complaints they received on Taylor. However, they said, “not all complaints lead to us opening cases.” In addition, they said they “treat each complaint individually and evaluate it on its merits.” Should they choose to open a case against Taylor it may or may not lead to charges. It will all depend on the facts they find involving the case.

If an investigation opens and charges are filed, there are many courses of action possible. The outcomes range from “dismissal or withdrawal of charges” to “license suspension or revocation.”

The DOH representative said,  “This is in the early stages, and we can’t predict what the result may be.”

According to the report, Taylor has never faced disciplinary action involving her license. And, she holds a Masters of Science in mental health counseling from Johns Hopkins University.

The tweets that got her in hot water

Many from Bachelor Nation have expressed disgust over Taylor’s tweets. Above are just a sampling of the tweets sent by Taylor. Even those who believe she wants the best for those around her believe she was wrong. The tweets in question include everything from racism to fat-shaming. They also spoke poorly of the LGBTQ and BIPOC communities.

Taylor apologized multiple times on social media for her past actions. She insists she has changed. In reference to the tweets, Taylor said, “I want to be clear that they don’t take away from the work I do today, they are literally how I got here to doing this work.”

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