Tammy Slaton Gives Horrifying Advice: Is Gage Safe With Her?

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Tammy Slaton is offering advice in a recent video uploaded to TLC’s Instagram on being a great aunt. Unfortunately, the advice has been dubbed by 1000-Lb. Sisters fans as horrifying. Some are questioning if baby Gage would even be safe in her care. Furthermore, many are urging Tammy and Amy to stop giving advice regarding children. What exactly has fans so upset? Keep reading for the details.

Tammy Slaton and trail mix

As Tammy Slaton gives advice on being a great aunt she talks about snacks. She notes it is important to keep snacks around the house for both the baby and the mom. She, however, tells Amy not to touch the snacks because they are for the children. The problem? Gage is just three months old. And, she’s suggesting trail mix with nuts and seeds. Fans of the TLC series sound off quickly in the comments. They worry Tammy’s advice might be followed by someone.

One concern follower penned: “The snacks you showed for the baby is something buoy give them when their much older. The kids can’t digest nuts at an early age. Their is food isles just for kids that are age appropriate. Also be careful with. Peanuts because a lot of kids are allergic to peanuts which you can find in a lot of different foods. You have quite awhile before your baby eats solid foods. Their formula is sufficient for their health and age. Their little digestive system can’t digest a lot you have to go slow. Congradulations on your new baby. I’m so happy for you.”


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“Exactly when she whipped out the trail mix with the nuts and dried berries all I was thinking was a child can’t eat that until age 5 and up,” a second follower agreed.

A third added: “I agree. I don’t like giving advice, I think they need a lot of teaching though! God be with them. I just hope they don’t try giving the little guy junk food!!”

And, the inappropriate toy suggestion for Gage

Tammy also presents a fun little hot wheel as a toy her nephew might enjoy. Fans double down on hoping no one takes her advice seriously. Many are quick to note a hot wheel is a huge choking hazard for someone as young as Gage. Many note it’ll be a pretty long time before Gage is old enough to play with one.

See First Photo Of Aunt Tammy Slaton Holding Baby Gage Halterman

Many fans admit they love Amy and Tammy Slaton, but they don’t think they should be giving advice related to babies or small children. Moreover, they question if Gage would even be safe alone in Tammy’s care.

How do you feel about Tammy’s advice? Do you also find it horrifying?

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