Tammy Slaton Gains Weight After COVID Diagnosis, Slips Into Depression

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At the very end of this week’s episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters, Tammy Slaton is rushed to the hospital. Fans learn she has tested positive for COVID-19. Now, those who follow Tammy and her sister on various social media know she has since recovered from the virus. There is a four to five month time gap between when Season 2 was filmed and where they currently are in their lives. We, however, know there have been some long-term complications with the virus. Months have passed and Tammy Slaton remains on oxygen.

Unfortunately, an exclusive sneak preview from People Magazine featuring next week’s episode reveals something else. Tammy Slaton learns she’s gained weight since her last weigh-in. A total of 21 pounds. Putting her at 665 pounds. Making things worse, this news has caused the TLC star to slip into a depression. Will Tammy Slaton find a way to turn things around? Or, will her death — that the doctors warned her of — come to pass.

Why did Tammy Slaton gain 21 pounds?

In a two and a half minute video clip, fans watch Tammy Slaton step on the scale. The scale reads 665 pounds. A thick and sad mood fills the room. Silence. Eventually, Dr. Eric Smith addresses the elephant in the room. He notes that this means Tammy has gained 21 pounds since the last time they did a weigh-in. Then, he asks Tammy why she thinks she put on weight instead of losing weight.

Tammy very bluntly responds that she “just wasn’t doing what I needed to do.”

I mean, sometimes I try to eat healthier, and then other days I’m like, ‘What the heck’s the point?’ “

Dr. Eric Smith asks Tammy how she feels after she makes poor choices with her food. She admits that it doesn’t leave her with a great feeling. In fact, she knows she shouldn’t be eating what she’s eating. But, she just doesn’t know how to control herself. Doesn’t know how to make herself stop.

Dr. Eric Smith appreciates her honesty

Now, Dr. Eric Smith appreciates Tammy Slaton’s honesty. Because he believes this isn’t a problem with Tammy being hungry and eating too much. It truly is an addiction problem. And, she’s struggling to get control of it.

Tammy Slaton YouTube TLC

Dr. Eric Smith praises: “I’m really proud of you for the fact that you just admitted, ‘I don’t know how to stop,’ because that’s the first step in asking somebody to try to help you learn to stop.”

Understandably, 1000-Lb. Sisters fans are devastated that Tammy has gained weight. But, it does sound like things finally be moving in the right direction. Will she turn this around?

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