‘Yellowstone’ Hints At Jamie Dutton’s Role In Attack

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Fans are continuing to speculate about the fate of the Dutton Family while they wait for the Season 4 Premiere. Since 2018, Yellowstone has mesmerized viewers of the show with its amazing story. Yellowstone first introduced the world to John Dutton. John is the owner of the Yellowstone ranch which sits in the heart of the United States’ largest national park. The ranch was first founded by the Dutton family nearly 150 years ago. Fans of the series will get an in-depth backstory when the Yellowstone prequel, Y:1883, premieres.

Throughout its first three seasons, fans have watched as John Dutton takes on various entities seeking to take control of his massive cattle ranch. Season 1 saw a dispute between John and the Broken Rock Indian Reservation. Lead by Thomas Rainwater, the Broken Rock Indian Reservation seeks to take possession of the Yellowstone. Rainwater wishes to return the land back to its original state. His vision is noble. However, his methods are questionable. This rivalry becomes the baseline for life on the ranch. John and Rainwater would later work together to take down mutuals enemies. However, their dispute has never gone away.

A New Enemy?

Although there are plenty of antagonists of the series for fans to be against, no character is more hated than Jamie Dutton. Many fans have had mixed feelings about Jamie, played by Wes Bentley. He has betrayed the family many times, but also helped the family many times. His loyalties have been hard to determine throughout the series. However, Season 3 essentially puts the nail in the coffin as to where Jamie truly stands.

Season 3 was a whirlwind of trouble for the Dutton family. Fans are seeing the true reason for Beth’s hatred of Jamie. They also watched as Jamie searched for who he is after finding out he was adopted by John Dutton. Jamie meets his birthfather late in the series. His father is a criminal by the name of Garrett Randell, played by Will Patton. It is being theorized that Jamie, as well as Garrett, may have taken part in the coordinated attack on the Dutton family. This idea was hinted at on the official Yellowstone Twitter page.

More Yellowstone Hints

Is it possible that Jamie Dutton is a part of the attack on the Dutton family? Garrett and Jamie do have a conversation about the Yellowstone where Garrett says,

“The Yellowstone ain’t a ranch, it’s an empire. Empires you take.”

Jamie Dutton’s involvement is also strongly hinted at in recent posts on Twitter and Instagram. A photo of Jamie is circulating on these official Yellowstone pages saying,

“Even the clouds around Jamie are ominous.”

Is it possible the person behind the attack is not Roarke, but Jamie Dutton himself? Yellowstone fans will have to wait for the Season 4 Premiere to find out. Until then, be sure to check back with TV Shows Ace for more news and updates.

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