‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Reality Steve Reveals Shocking Final Two Episodes For Matt James

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Amid the racism controversy that’s rocked Bachelor Nation, Matt James’ season is beginning to wrap up. And, as viewers head into the last few weeks of the show, Reality Steve is spilling the tea. Many feel this season has been way too much drama and not enough love. So, did Matt manage to find love throughout the chaos many women caused? Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Reality Steve shares Matt James final two episode spoilers

Reality Steve went to his blog Thursday to share major spoilers for Matt James’ final two episodes of Season 25. Monday night fans will see Matt go on his fantasy suite dates. The three remaining women are Bri Springs, Michelle Young and Rachael Kirkconnell. No specific details have emerged regarding what happens on the overnights. However, Steve shared Bri Springs is the woman Matt sends home with a broken heart. Michelle and Rachael are the final two.

It is at this point production brought in Matt’s estranged father to meet with him. It’s unknown if Matt was aware his dad was coming. However, Steve believes most likely he was not. Steve has previously said he believes it was after this talk Chris asked Matt if he was okay. He of course replied he was not.

Following the overnights, the final two women usually receive one last date with the lead before the rose ceremony. Steve also reports that both Rachael and Michelle met Matt’s mom, Patty.

During his final date with Michelle she gives Matt two jerseys. One for him and one for her. However, things go south that evening for these two. Steve shared that during their night portion of the date, Matt sends Michelle home. He reportedly tells her he loves her but is not in love with her. She asks if it’s because of Rachael and he confirms.

The final rose gets a little messy for Matt James

The day after Matt sent Michelle home he was supposed to have his final date with Rachael. However, Steve reports Matt became emotional after meeting with his dad and sending Michelle home. So, he decides to cancel his final date with Rachael. Chris goes and informs a devastated and confused Rachael. Steve believes the show wants fans to believe he picks nobody at the end.

The next day, Matt slips a letter under Rachael’s door. It basically says to meet him by the lake where they shared their overnight date.

She goes to the lake to find a final rose ceremony-type setting waiting for her. Rachael tells Matt he hurt her but she won’t leave him because love is about sticking around.

Matt goes on to tell Rachael he isn’t ready to propose. However, he does tell her he’s in love with her and can’t imagine life without her. She then reportedly accepts the final rose and they leave together as a couple. It’s important to note Matt did not give her a ring at all. No promise ring, no nothing, just the agreement to keep dating.

Things blow up

Steve also previously confirmed that Matt and Rachael are no longer a couple. The racism scandal broke surrounding her and he ultimately ended their relationship. The last time they were reportedly together was Valentine’s Day weekend. Steve is unsure exactly what he said to her as to why he ended things. However, it was right after this weekend that he broke it off.

The After the Final Rose is scheduled to film Friday, March 4. Matt and Rachael will no doubt speak and share what went wrong. Steve says there is zero chance they will reconcile. And, he also says he’s heard nothing about him wanting to get together with Michelle or Bri. So, it looks like Matt is a single man.

The final episode will air March 15 on ABC.

Stay tuned for more updates.


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