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‘OutDaughtered’ Busby Quints Exposed To COVID-19: Who Tested Positive?

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Fans of OutDaughtered learned this week the Busby quints were exposed to COVID-19 after someone close to the family tested positive. Those who tuned into this week’s new episode of OutDaughtered know the quints enjoyed their very first sleepover at the Mills household. They got to spend time with their cousins. While Uncle Dale and Aunt KiKi struggled to wrangle a whole lot of children!

At the very end of the episode… Fans were hit with devastating news. Someone close to the Busby family has tested positive for COVID-19. And, everyone will need to be tested.

Adam Busby realizes learning to ride bikes should happen one-on-one

Adam and Danielle Busby tossed five bikes at the quints and hoped for the best during this week’s episode. Things, however, quickly became chaotic. Fans who tuned into the episode admit it was stressful and overwhelming to watch. Watching the episode back, Adam and Danielle jested about how exhausting they remembered that being.

By the end of the episode, Adam admitted that a group session on learning to ride a bike wasn’t a good idea. What the Busby quints really needed were one-on-one sessions. He needed to give each quint undivided attention. So, they could learn to ride their bikes.

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While Adam is working with one of the quints at the end of the episode… Danielle Busby emerges from the house. She comes up to Adam and pulls him aside. It quickly becomes clear she has something serious to tell Adam.

Busby quints exposed to COVID-19, Uncle Dale Mills tests positive

Turns out, that sleepover at Uncle Dale and Aunt KiKi’s house might’ve been a bad idea for the Busby family. As Danielle pulls Adam aside to speak for a moment, she reveals Uncle Dale has tested positive for COVID-19. Fans can see the shock and horror in Adam’s face as he realizes what that means.

All of his girls had just stayed the night at Uncle Dale’s house. And, this meant they were all potentially exposed to the virus. Danielle adds this does mean the entire family will have to get tested for COVID-19. Just to be safe.

Did anyone in the Busby household get the virus?

Unfortunately, the episode ends with the dreaded “to be continued” on a black screen. So, we don’t know if anyone else within the OutDaughtered TLC family tested positive for COVID. At the moment, the episode ends with potential exposure to the virus across the whole Busby family.

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Fans, however, can rest easy knowing this episode was filmed several months ago. So, Uncle Dale Mills no longer has COVID-19. And, as far as we know, he recovered just fine. Here’s hoping none of the quints nor Blayke or anyone else in the Busby household tested positive for the virus! Unfortunately, we will have to wait till next week’s episode to learn more about their COVID exposure.

So, do you think anyone in the Busby household will test positive for COVID-19? Share your thoughts with us.

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