My 600-lb Life Update On Shannon Lowery

‘My 600-Lb Life’ Update On Shannon Lowery

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My 600-LB Life fans always love updates on the TLC stars, so where is Shannon Lowery at with her weight loss? Did she lose enough for gastric surgery? Shannon’s Journey featured on the TLC show. And it looks like she won’t skip out the door full of a new zest for a healthy life like Cillas Givens. But are fans giving up on her too soon?

My 600-LB Life – Shannon Lowery looks like a dismal failure

We reported that Cillas Givens turned out as a success after he starred on the show. Recall, he arrived in Houston carrying 729 pounds of weight. But his determination pushed him through it all. And he kicked a serious food addiction by following Dr. Now’s advice to the letter. After he dropped his bulk down by half, he proposed to Jessica. These days, he continues his healthier lifestyle, got a job, and still lives with Jessica.

However not all My 600-LB Life stars enjoy that sort of success. And in the current season, TLC fans become frustrated with the cast. Determination like that displayed by Chuck Turner, for example, seems scarce. It almost seems as though few of them take it all that seriously. And fans want the cast healthy. After all, success also gives other people motivation. And nobody wants to hear the news that TV stars passed away from morbid obesity complications. Shannon Lowery concerns fans a lot. So, did she manage to shed more weight?

Spoiler alert for the current season

Shannon’s episode only just aired on My 600-LB Life. So if you dislike spoilers, then stop reading now. Fans saw that Dr. Now seemed frustrated with Shannon. Eventually, she failed in her efforts to meet the weight loss for gastric surgery. So he sent her away. However, fans know that’s not necessarily the end of the road for his patients. If they go away and work hard, he often reconsiders it. And it looks like Shannon managed to push through and qualify.

Meaww dug around and discovered some heartening news on the My 600-LB Life star’s Facebook. There, strong hints come that she achieved her weight loss goal for gastric surgery. She doesn’t post many photos of herself, but Shannon uploads lots of photos of healthy meals. And she looks for advice on a return to Houston soon. In fact, she clearly said that she needs to relocate there because of gastric surgery. Stuck for accommodation though, a kind fan offered to try and help out.

My 600-LB Life Shannon Lowery gastric surgery
Credit: Shannon Lowery | Facebook

Actually, kindly My 600-LB Life fans offered Shannon all sorts of advice on applying for help with accommodation in Texas. Hopefully, she cheers up and manages with all that advice so she finally gets her all-important gastric surgery.


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