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‘OutDaughtered’ Quints Have Fun With Uncle Dale, But Where Is Riley?

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OutDaughtered revealed a hectic and action-packed episode this week. So much went on, but it certainly seemed obvious that the kids enjoyed themselves way more than the adults. Ahead of the episode, Uncle Dale Mills posted on Instagram about the upcoming show. And fans immediately wanted to know where Riley was. After all, it’s not like the quint to miss out on camera time.

OutDaughtered quint Riley is missing, fans fret

TLC fans take the Busby family very much to heart. If Hazel’s missing from a photo they panic and worry about her eyes. In fact, back in August last year, fans started an entire conversation about the little red-head. It came after Adam and Danielle shared photos of the kids in their Graeson Bee outfits. Then, Danielle also left Hazel out of a photograph of herself with Parker, Ava, and Riley in the pool. Upset fans even thought that Hazel was “snubbed” by her parents. But actually, all the kids get lots of photos on Instagram.

One thing fans might not know is that some time back, the OutDaughtered parents mentioned they never force their kids to get in front of the camera. Perhaps that even arose after critics slammed TLC for filming Parker at her Pre-K assessment where she seemed obviously uncomfortable. Well, this time when fans saw Uncle Dale shared a photo from the show without Riley in it, many of them demanded, “Where is Riley?” Maybe she just opted out of that scene? We set off to find out.

Action packed episode

In the show, fans saw Adam Busby make the mistake of trying to teach all the quints to ride their bikes at the same time. In the meantime, Blayke wanted her friends over for a sleepout. She hadn’t seen them for ages. So, the OutDaughtered parents arranged for the quints to enjoy their own sleepover at Uncle Dale and Aunt Kiki’s place. And it looked like they drew the short straw with that as the kids went wild. Even usually patient Dale seemed at his wit’s end as the kids thought it a big joke to disobey him and break the rules.

Riley seemed naughty at first but after a while, she seemed down. Maybe they just stayed up too late burning off energy jumping around on the furniture. But she said she really missed her mom and dad. So maybe she called them up and went home? But in the OutDaughtered episode, that wasn’t the case. She stayed there with the others. Actually, in the photo that Dale shared, it seems that someone cropped her out by mistake. You can compare the two photos from Dale and TLC below and see for yourself.

OutDaughtered Quints Have Fun But Where Was Riley
Credit: OutDaughtered | TLC
OutDaughtered Quints Have Fun But Where Was Riley 2
Credit: TLC via Dale Mils | Instagram

What did you think of the OutDaughtered episode this week? Did you think Riley and her sisters misbehaved at Uncle Dale’s house? What did you think of the ending about COVID-19? Sound off in the comments below.

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