Isabel Rock Opens Up About Her Dad & Jacob

Isabel Rock - Jacob Roloff

Isabel Rock and Jacob Roloff made Matt happy this week. The Little People, Big World patriarch seemed so happy to see his son again. And maybe that prompted her to write about her own dad and Jacob. TLC fans like that Jacob found such a nice person to spend his life with. But, he also takes a lot into their marriage. And the story that Isabel shared on Tuesday illustrates that.

Isabel Rock talks about her dad and Jacob

We reported that Matt Roloff seemed delighted when Isabel and Jacob arrived for an impromptu visit. A lot of Little People, Big World fans agreed that he looked very happy. And  Tori’s son Jackson certainly looked happy about it as well. He sat on Jacob’s shoulder and gave a big peace sign. Isabel said that he learned that from Jacob.  As Matt pointed out, even the dog Lucy looked happy to see his son and daughter-in-law.

A lot of TLC fans commented on how serene and attractive Isabel Rock looked in the photo. But she admitted that sometimes she didn’t feel so serene in the past. And she candidly opened up about her own dad. Actually, she gave Jacob some credit in her rather long post about it. The post that Isabel shared revealed her with her dad. In another photo, Jacob and her dad featured together. He looked slightly older in the photo with Jacob, so the first one looked like a bit of a throwback photo.

Jacob Roloff opened her eyes

It turned out in her caption, that Isabel Rock didn’t get along with her dad for a long time. She described how her mom and dad already went through a bad time when she arrived. And mostly, she recalled that when he was around, he seemed like a “workaholic.” So, she noted, “a lot of hurt and trauma there.” When she grew a bit older, as a teen, she sometimes wondered if she could “forgive him.” Or, even “heal” her relationship with him. Nevertheless, she pretty much gave up on the idea, thinking it all too damaged.

Isabel Rock started seeing her dad in a new light once he met her husband Jacob. She talked about how her dad and her partner “bonded” instantly. Constantly saying “positive” things about her dad made Isabel literally start “rewriting the story” in her head.  She pointed out how her husband saw the good things, like her dad’s humor and kindness. And, she realized that for years, she only focused on those things she didn’t like about him. Also, Isabel realized that people change. She noted, “he’s pretty solid proof of that.”

Jacob seems a lot like his father-in-law

Perhaps Isabel Rock never realized that Jacob might share some similarities to her dad. She spoke about how her dad shows his love through “acts of service.” Plus, she says that Jacob is also like that. “At the end of the day, they’re more alike than I’d care to admit,” she wrote. While she admits it took ages for her to find that place of forgiveness, she now realizes her parents did the best with what they had at the time.

Finally, Isabel Rock wrote, “witnessing my partner love my dad for the good man he is has helped to heal my heart in so many special ways. Maybe all it takes sometimes is seeing a situation through somebody else’s eyes.”

Isabel Rock Her Dad And Jacob
Credit: Isabel Rock | Instagram

Now that’s a lovely story, don’t you think? Can you relate? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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