‘Sweet Home Sextuplets’: Eric Waldrop Praises Courtney As ‘Best Mommy’

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Eric Waldrop of Sweet Home Sextuplets and his wife Courtney met years ago as young teens. And it looks like their love endures over twenty years later. He took to social media, something he rarely does, and posted his praises about his wife. The mom of nine earned some really nice compliments and he described her as “the best mommy.”

Eric Waldrop breaks silence on social media – praises Courtney

We reminded readers that Eric and Courtney met ages before their nine children came along. 25 years ago, they met at a basketball game. And of course, they never imagined they’d end up famous on television after they produced the sextuplets. So, apart from falling in love and marrying, the couple knew each other for almost all of their lives. But clearly, the love remains strong even with the distractions of nine children. Taking to Facebook, Eric even braved social media to shoutout to his special wife.

As TLC fans know, Courtney does most of the child-rearing with some help from her family. Of course, things became a bit complicated during the coronavirus quarantines. But Eric Waldrop helps out when he’s home. On the occasion of her birthday this week, he shouted out about what a good job Courtney does with the kids. Full of praise, his obvious love for his wife comes through loud and clear. The Sweet Home Sextuplets dad gushed about her.

Six photos and a nice loving message on Courtney’s birthday

On Facebook, Eric Waldrop told fans that he wrote the message. He added, “I never post. Not really sure if I know how. So bare with me😂, (sic).” Then, he explained about Courtney’s birthday. Praising her for the way she raises the sextuplet “toddlers” and their three older brothers, he called her a “champ.” Next, he described her as “the love of my life, my world, my everything.” Talking about all her devotion as a mom, he also praised his wife as “the most unselfish person I know.”

 It seems that Eric Waldrop takes every single thing his wife does and counts up the ways she mothers the kids. He mentioned diaper changing, potty training, and the “constant catering to 6 toddlers.” Notably, the TLC star admires her as she bundles all the kids up and they watch the bigger boys play sport. Leaving the house with just one toddler can be fraught with stress. So, imagine that, multiplied by six. 

Falling in love every day

Eric Waldrop rounded up his moving message for Courtney by saying, “watching you do all these things makes me fall in love with you more… every day.” He then described the Sweet Home Sextuplets mom as the “best mommy in the world.”

Eric Waldrop Praises Courtney - Best Mommy
Credit: God’s Divine Nine | Facebook

Ending with a declaration of love, many TLC fans thought it was a wonderful shoutout. Do you agree? Sound off in the comments below.

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