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Where Do Tammy & Amy Slaton Buy Their Cute Clothing From?

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Tammy and Amy Slaton of 1000-Lb. Sisters might get slammed for their housekeeping skills and their hygiene habits, but their clothing almost always looking super cute too! And, this has got a lot of fans of the TLC series wondering. Where do Tammy and Amy Slaton go to buy their adorable clothing? What kind of prices do they have to pay to get clothing that fits them properly? So, we did a little digging. And we’ve got some answers for you.

Cheapest option: Walmart plus size section

Believe it or not, Walmart does carry a couple of plus size brand names. And, these brand names do offer  4x and 5x clothing. While these may or may not be big enough for Tammy Slaton. We do assume Amy would be able to find a few things that fit her comfortably at Walmart. Shopping the Walmart plus size brands, it is almost easier to do the shopping online. Because the clothing is more affordable, the largest sizes do fly off the shelves pretty quickly in the stores.

Ok, so where does Tammy Slaton buy her clothing?

We are going to wager a lot of Tammy Slaton’s clothing comes from a store called Roamans. Roamans is a little more expensive compared to Walmart. But, if you shop the sales and find a good promo code… You can get a decent amount of cute clothing without paying a whole lot of money. For example, Roamans does a promotion pretty often where you can get 50 percent off your order up to $200. Usually, you can do $200, $100, or $50 purchases and get $100, $50, or $25 off the order. Roamans also sends decent coupons to new customers via email.

Roamans will frequently do sales on certain types of merchandise. This could include something such as 3 pairs of leggings for $11 a-piece. And, they always have items floating in their clearance section. Now, the beauty of Roamans is they have sizes all the way up to 7x/8x. So, Tammy Slaton would have no trouble getting cute clothing that fit her well at this store.

Just shop the sales and you can get a really great deal on the clothing Roamans sells.

When shopping for plus size clothing, don’t forget Amazon

Before you spend money on clothing at Roamans. It is definitely worth checking out Amazon. Roamans has a store on Amazon. And, they will usually sell their closeout items at cheaper prices. So, you can find the same cute plus-size clothing at a fraction of the cost. Normally, you get the clothing faster when you buy it through Amazon as well!

Torrid: An expensive option for Tammy and Amy Slaton

Now, there is also a possibility Amy and Tammy Slaton shop at a retail store called Torrid. Torrid is marketed for being plus size fashion. Torrid, however, has pretty expensive prices. Moreover, the store created a unique size scale to avoid any type of fat-shaming.

The problem is most find it a little confusing when they are trying to find clothing in the sizes they are used to. Furthermore, Torrid’s sizes also don’t go up nearly as high as Roamans. So, again, this might be more of an option for Amy.

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What other plus size clothing stores might Amy and Tammy Slaton shop at?

So, we did a little research. And, we compiled a list of other possible plus size clothing stores and brands for Amy and Tammy Slaton.

As you can see, there are a lot of options available for plus size women. So, Tammy and Amy Slaton might not have as much trouble getting clothing as people think. If you are looking for some cute plus size clothing to buy yourself, this list is a good place to start!

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