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‘My 600-LB Life:’ Dr. Now Speaks About Cameo

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My 600-LB Life fans see Dr. Now, (Nowzaradan) mostly looking serious in the TLC show, but this week he opened up about cameo. It revealed a rarely seen sunnier side to the doctor who deals with morbidly obese patients. Usually, when he posts on Instagram, it relates to serious weight issues or to the show. But this time, he talked about Cameo.

My 600-LB Life – Dr. Now runs a Cameo

You might not be aware that Dr. Now runs a Cameo page. After all, he almost never talks about it and simply isn’t the kind of guy to push and promo it. Actually, it’s nice that he shared about it, just in case lingering rumors remain that he passed away in February. We reported that the rumors arose after a simple and inoffensive selfie was posted on his social media. When it said, “2021” in large letters, some folks thought it looked like a date on an obituary. But no, he didn’t die and continues with the My 600-LB Life show.

Shortly after Dr. Now posted the selfie, he shared about how blue light emits from your iPads, smartphones, and other electronic devices. And he says it’s really bad for people to stare at them all the time. In fact, he stressed that apart from depression, insomnia, and cancer-causing properties, it also raises the risk of obesity. Okay, so fans don’t really want to be reminded they might be killing themselves. But this time, the My 600-LB Life doctor shared a happier message about his Cameo.

Birthday greetings make Dr. Nowzaradan happy

On Monday, March 1, He shared a post on Instagram about his Cameo. The photo revealed him playing bs guitar, looking relaxed and happy. Looking like everyone’s favorite Uncle, the My 600-LB Life doctor said, “I’ve been wishing many of you a Happy Birthday on Cameo.” Then, he said that he enjoys reading all the “supportive messages to…friends and family.” And he suggested it’s a useful app. Well, Dr. Now didn’t put his Cameo in the post, but we tracked it down.

Over on Cameo, the doctor already received 147 five-star reviews, so he’s not new over there. Here’s just one typical commented from My 600-LB Life fans who paid for a Cameo from Dr. Now:

Dr. Now is an absolute national treasure. He delivered a lightning fast Cameo that went above and beyond! He knows how to reach his fans and his audience, and if you need inspiration, he’s the man. My only regret is not being able to capture my wife’s elation on film as we played the video for Valentines day. she didn’t understand why I’d spend something on some strange “cameo” website, but as soon as she realized what was going on, and that this wasn’t some kind of AI fake, her smiles and excitement amazing!

My 600-LB Life Dr Now Speaks About Cameo
Credit: Dr. Now | Instagram

Did you know that Dr. Now from My 600-LB Life on TLC runs a Cameo? If you ever used him, shout out your recommendations in the comments below.

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