Lindsie Chrisley Shares That She’s Working On ‘Some Life Things’

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Lindsie Chrisley sometimes opens up and gets very candid with her fans. And other times, she hints that she goes through something. Right now, she hints at things on her mind. But clearly, she just wants to set whatever it is aside, and escape into Netflix. And why not? Sometimes, letting go of what plays on the mind helps people find some balance.

Lindsie Chrisley says she went ‘missing in action’

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, Lindsie asked fans for ideas on good things she might watch on Netflix. She also said that she’s been “missing in action” a bit. Well, the last time she popped up on social media, Lindsie amused fans with a confession Q&A. She shared the odd questions that fans send her, and for some reason, decided a lot of people talk to her about their bowel actions. Laughing, she said that there’s a lot of “poopy” people out there.

So, fans of Lindsie Chrisley probably welcome her back with open arms after she took a bit of a step back from social media. On Tuesday, March 2, the Chrisley Knows Best alum shared that she went “through some life things.” Next, she explained that she went “missing in action” because of that. And, she asked her fans if they also “retreat” sometimes when they feel a bit at odds with things. Naturally, fans responded. They like following Lindsie as she might retreat now and then, but she always offers interactive communication when she returns.

Netflix ideas from fans

As you can imagine, Lindsie Chrisley probably found more things to watch on Netflix than she might watch in a year. So, what suggestions came in for the Coffee Convos podcaster? Well, when a fan wrote, “Netflix and Hulu best show Ozark and Bridgerton,” Lindsie didn’t get excited. She replied saying, “am I the minority? I couldn’t get into Brigerton 😢, (sic).” Not to worry, it seems like something people either get into or reject, judging by other comments from fans. Nevertheless, she seemed interested in Virgin River and thanked the fan who sent her the idea.

Lindsie Chrisley also talked about shows she found and started watching. She mentioned “Behind her eyes” on Netflix. But when other fans asked if she enjoyed it, she never replied. Maybe she gives some feedback later? Actually, a lot of shows she never watched should keep Lindsie occupied for a while. Another one she expressed some interest in watching was Dead To Me.

Lindsie Chrisley Embraces Netflix Ponders Life Things
Credit: Lindsie Chrisley | Instagram

Meanwhile, other fans spoke to Lindsie about how they also “retreat” when things play on their mind too much. Do you also head on over to Netflix and just become engaged in relaxing and letting your mind go? Like Lindsie Chrisley, do you also turn to the screen as a bit of an escape? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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