Jeremiah Duggar’s Rumored Girlfriend Deletes Courtship Evidence

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As TV Shows Ace reports, Jeremiah Duggar might be in a courtship. Nothing is confirmed – yet. Fans and critics think that the rumors about Jeremiah and his supposed girlfriend are true though. As we reported, there are several hints about the potential couple being together.

On Reddit, users point out that Jeremiah’s rumored girlfriend has several hints about a possible courtship on her Pinterest account. All of her other social media pages are locked down, so this is the only way that we can find anything out about her.

Katey Nakatsu Pinterest
Katey Nakatsu Pinterest

Jeremiah Duggar’s potential GF Katey Nakatsu deletes wedding board

On Pinterest, Katey deleted her wedding board. It’s visible in the Reddit post linked above, but it’s no longer on her Pinterest page.

Her boards include food, crafts, fashion, cute babies, and so much more. Notably, that wedding board is completely gone. On Pinterest, it’s possible to hide boards. So, she might have done that to prevent others from seeing it without losing her progress on it.

Now, Katey having a wedding board isn’t anything major. Many Pinterest users have boards for a variety of topics. Even people who aren’t in relationships save wedding dresses and flower arrangements on Pinterest.

It is interesting that Katey would only delete her wedding board and leave everything else up though. Fans and critics are taking this as even more evidence that the duo is courting. They can’t think of another reason for her to delete just her wedding board.

Maybe they aren’t together

There’s another reason that Katey might have chosen to delete her wedding board. After rumors about the pair courting started circulating, she might have wanted to shut them down by getting rid of her wedding board. She hasn’t come out and say whether she is courting the Counting On star. It’s unclear if she will do this, especially since Duggar fans don’t have access to her social media accounts.

For now, fans are waiting for a confirmation on Jeremiah’s rumored courtship. In the meantime, fans and critics alike are on the lookout for further hints one way or another.

So, do you think that Katey and Jeremiah Duggar are courting? Or do you think that the rumors are false? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

It’s likely that another Duggar announcement will go public soon. For one, Jedidiah Duggar is supposedly engaged. Check back with TV Shows Ace for the latest updates.

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