Wait, Are Jedidiah Duggar & Lauren Caldwell Engaged?

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As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Lauren Caldwell called off her engagement. She was previously engaged to Titus Hall, but the two called it quits for some reason that’s yet to be announced. At the time, we speculated that she might be in love with a Duggar guy. The Caldwells and Duggars are close, and they have known each other for a while. Plus, Lauren popped up at several family gatherings. Now, it’s looking possible that Lauren is engaged to Jedidiah Duggar.

Who is Lauren Caldwell?

Fans of the Duggar family may recognize the last name, Caldwell. Kendra Caldwell, now Duggar, is married to Joe Duggar. Christina Caldwell, Kendra and Lauren’s mom, often makes headlines because she and Kendra have been pregnant together twice now.

Little is known about Lauren, but if she truly is joining the Duggar family, fans will get to know her a lot better soon.

Caldwell family Instagram
Caldwell family Instagram

Jessa Seewald previously asked her brother Jedidiah Duggar about his “darling”

Jessa frequently uses YouTube, so she’s always recording videos of family gatherings and other occasions. At the family’s fall festival, Jedidiah was decorating a pumpkin. She asked him if he was decorating it for his “darling.” At that point, as far as fans knew, he was single, but TV Shows Ace speculated that the pair was courting back then.

We thought that she could be courting either Jedidiah or Jeremiah, as they’re twins and they’re both close to her age. She could’ve been dating another Duggar guy though.

Source says that Jedidiah Duggar & Lauren Caldwell are engaged

According to The Suna source has revealed that Jedidiah and Lauren are actually engaged and are planning a wedding. The source says, “Jed and Lauren have been courting on and off for over a year and kept things very hush-hush.”

The source continues, “Lauren seemed to confuse everyone when she got together with Titus, but it didn’t last and her relationship with Jed became serious very quickly. Their families are both happy for them and feel they’re the perfect match, they’re thankful Lauren didn’t get hitched to the wrong guy. They’ve already discussed having children, they’re really ready to settle down and start their own family.”

Then, they say, “As with all of the Duggars, the wedding will definitely be no small affair, with likely more than a hundred guests invited to celebrate their big day.”

According to the source, a wedding is set for April 2021.

So, do you think that Jedidiah and Lauren are getting hitched? What do you think of this couple together? Let us know in the comments below.

For the latest on the Duggar family, check back with TV Shows Ace. 

Love is truly in the air for the family. Justin Duggar just married Claire Spivey less than a week ago. Now, another wedding seems to be coming up very soon.

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