Is Janelle Brown The Only ‘Real’ Wife In Kody’s Life?

Janelle Brown Sister Wives

Janelle Brown somehow ended up married to Kody Brown. Introduced by Meri, she shares one thing with Kody that the other wives don’t: her mother married Kody’s dad, Winn Brown. So, Winn’s not only her step-father and father-in-law, but in a way, she’s a non-blood-related half-sibling to Kody. But aside from that interesting tidbit, some fans think she’s also the only “real” wife in the Sister Wives family.

Janelle Brown likely the only level-headed wife in Kody’s family

Kody legally married Meri first. But their marriage went down the plug and for a lot of seasons, fans watched the miserable relationship decline. Actually, a lot of TLC fans grow sick and tired of it and wish Meri would just get a life and get out. After their divorce, Kody married Robyn, and ironically, Meri talked him into looking at her as another spiritual wife. So, when he divorced Meri, Robyn became the only official wife. Janelle, who moved in with him as spiritual wife number two, was followed by third wife Christine Brown.

Of all the wives, most Sister Wives fans agree that Janelle Brown seems like the only level-headed one of all of them. Robyn, the latecomer seems a bit condescending towards the older wives, and she hates that Christine’s jealously sometimes takes center stage. In fact, this season of the TLC show reveals that she seems sick and tired of all the jealousy but really, that only became a major issue when she joined the family. Meri’s obviously jealous and a bit sulky. Meanwhile, Christine doesn’t hide it. But Janelle Brown rarely talks about uncontrollable jealousy. In fact, she comes over as cool and calm during the family melt-down.

Leading the way during crisis

The new season premiered and Janelle stepped forward with the idea of a conference where they all talked about the “principle” of their faith. It looked like she wanted everyone to recall that they entered the marriage knowing full well that they chose the polygamous lifestyle. While Robyn moans and cries, Christine steams in a pit of jealousy, and Meri grouses about how Kody doesn’t love her anymore. Only Janelle Brown decided that active discussion and reminders of “The Principle” needed to be undertaken to address the problems of the Sister Wives family.

As the season progresses, fans see Kody melting down and manipulating the wives. He denies it, but actually, he apparently thinks he’s quite clever at it. In the discussions that take place on Twitter, lots of criticism goes the way of Kody, Meri, Robyn, and Christine. But most fans agree that Janelle’s probably the most real of all of them. Some fans wish she never became involved in the polygamous lifestyle, and others praise her.

Fans discuss ‘real’ Janelle

On Twitter this week, one fan wrote, “Can we just agree that Janelle is amazing & the best sister wife? Her kids are all incredibly bright, polite & seem like good people.”

Another Sister Wives fan said about Janelle Brown, “I’m loving janelle … she has come into her own with such confidence… I think she should run the family. She’s the only one that doesn’t complain. She’s real and says it like it truly is.”

What are your thoughts on Janelle Brown? Do you think she’s the only “real” wife in the whole bunch? Sound off in the comments below.

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