Grandma Foxy From ‘Unpolished’ Celebrates Her Birthday And Product Line

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Jennifer Martone shared that it was the fabulous Foxy Grandma of Unpolished’s birthday a day ago. The Martone matriarch has quite a presence on the show with her huge hair and an even bigger personality. Foxy has been married to Papa Joe for fifty years. Jennifer always calls her mother for advice on the show and the results are often hilarious.

The spunky hairdresser has four kids, ten grandchildren, three extra grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren according to Jennifer’s post. She said, “it’s the famous foxy’s birthday. Happy birthday to my beautiful mother.” Foxy is a hairdresser at Salon Martone and loves hairspray. During the beginning of the pandemic, Lexi and Jennifer wouldn’t let Foxy leave the house. She had wigs in her backyard she styled to keep from getting bored. When she came back to the salon, Lexi tried to get her to wear a hazmat suit and she hated it.

Everyone Wished Foxy Grandma A Happy Birthday

Foxy Grandma got a ton of well-wishes from fans on social media. Jennifer went on to say, “we should all be so lucky and be so d*am *****ng fabulous… thank you for being on this amazing journey with us.”

Jennifer posted a follow-up to the first post with another family photo. She said, “let’s not forget about my amazing sister-in-law’s [sic] and big Mike. So Foxy actually has eight children. Either way Foxy looks amazing for her age and the number of kids she has.

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Fans Love Foxy Grandma The Most

One fan said “I wish all moms were as spunky as Foxy [Grandma]. You’re one lucky daughter to have a mom like her.” The Martone family has a line of products out now for purchase. Foxy has some very appropriate products including a hairspray called Oh So Foxy and Pouf Pouf.  There are also products for each family member including Matt Mancuso’s Do You Even Gel Bro and Big Mike’s I Gotta Mousse.

Lexi Martone shared some of the promos for Beauty by Martone on her TikTok and they threw glitter on Foxy while she sat on a couch.   There’s also Lexi also has nail products Bubble Bubble Oil & Trouble cuticle oil and Potion Lotion hand and nail cream. Jennifer has her own Boss B**ch collection. The whole family is recognized in the line and the packaging is great. In the most recent episode, Lexi worked on a client’s nails who had a bird named Baby. Foxy brought her bird in to meet it and said she had three in the house. What do you think about the Martones’ makeup line? How do you feel about Foxy getting better with age? Comment all your thoughts below and watch Unpolished on TLC.

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