See First Photo Of Aunt Tammy Slaton Holding Baby Gage Halterman

Tammy Slaton Baby Gage Instagram

Fans were not super happy about Tammy Slaton’s initial reaction to baby Gage coming into the world. Have things changed now that he’s here and she’s finally got to see him?

Amy Halterman gave birth to her baby boy Gage three months ago, but it was a very lonely experience. COVID-19 prevented Amy and Michael from having the normal experience where friends and family members come to the hospital to see the baby boy. This also meant Tammy didn’t get to see Gage in person either. Amy and Michael FaceTimed with Tammy while Jerry was staying there so she could meet him. But, fans thought her reaction was a little lackluster. Still, fans thought it was sad Tammy Slaton didn’t get to see her nephew after he was born.

Amy’s baby Gage had to quarantine after birth

After he was born, Amy Slaton and Michael Halterman had to quarantine with baby Gage. This was to keep him safe from COVID-19. Unfortunately, this meant it would be at least a few more weeks before Tammy Slaton got to see and hold her new nephew.

Speaking to her sister on the phone, Tammy admitted it was probably for the best. Turned out, she hadn’t done much in the past few days. She explained she was just spending a lot of time resting because she wasn’t feeling well. Not too much time passed before Tammy was rushed to the hospital. She was having breathing issues. And, she tested positive for COVID-19.

Photo: Tammy Slaton eventually recovered enough to hold the baby

Thanks to the time gap, fans already knew Tammy Slaton had COVID-19. Turns out, that is one of the big reasons why she’s on oxygen right now. She, however, did recover from the virus. And, she was able to return home. Likewise, this means she did eventually get to see her nephew in person and hold baby Gage. Fortunately, we were able to get our hands on the first photo featuring a proud Tammy Slaton holding her baby nephew in her arms. Here’s hoping Amy is right. And, he becomes a motivator for her to drop the pounds.

Tammy Slaton baby gage Instagram

1000-Lb. SistersĀ fans were thrilled Tammy made a full recovery from COVID-19. And, they loved seeing that she got to hold her nephew finally. What do you think of this first photo of Tammy Slaton and baby Gage? Do you think he’ll motivate her to lose weight? Share your thoughts with us. And, stick with us for the latest 1000-Lb. Sisters news.

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