Amy Slaton Halterman’s Baby Boy Finally Makes Instagram Debut: See Photos

Amy Slaton Instagram

1000-Lb. Sisters fans have been itching for a photo or photos of Amy Slaton Halterman’s baby boy. Fans, however, knew they were waiting for the birth to take place during an episode of the TLC series. We assumed Amy was under a pretty strict contract with TLC. Turns out, we were right.

The episode finally aired last night featuring the birth of Gage Halterman. And, fans got their first look at Amy and Michael’s baby boy. Now, Amy Halterman can give fans what they’ve wanted. And, she’s done just that. She’s flooded her Instagram account with photos of the little guy.

Amy Slaton Halterman started sharing photos a few hours ago

Just a couple hours ago, Amy Slaton Halterman started to flood Instagram with pictures of her baby boy. As fans of 1000-Lb. Sisters know, baby Gage was born sometime last year. So, he’s several months old by now. This means Amy probably has tons and tons of photos to share with fans. So, getting flooded with six different Instagram posts over the last few hours wasn’t too surprising. Below is a collage of some of the photos from her very first Instagram post featuring pictures of Gage.

Amy Halterman baby Instagram

As we previously reported, fans were quick to give Amy a taste of what being a reality TV star parent felt like. Viewers of TLC are notorious for mom-shaming. And, they wasted no time dragging Amy for a few pictures they didn’t really care for. Amy Halterman, however, was quick to respond to the criticism. Moreover, she had a lot of supportive fans coming to her defense.

He’s rolling, he’s riding

Amy Halterman Instagram

Gage is loving Toy Story

Amy Halterman Instagram

Amy Halterman’s photos reveal he’s three months and teething

Amy Halterman Instagram

It took 1000-Lb. Sisters fans a minute to wrap their minds around the fact that Gage is already three months old. Unfortunately, there is a bit of a gap between when the show was filmed and when it aired. Because of the contract with TLC, Amy was not allowed to share photos with fans. Now, she’s playing catch up. Fortunately, fans are not complaining too much about getting flooded with tons of baby pictures.

Amy’s Instagram currently has six different posts featuring Gage Deon Halterman. And, each of the posts contains a cluster of photos. So, there’s really a lot to look at.

With Season 2 of 1000-Lb. Sisters coming to an end soon… Fans are hopeful they’ll get to see a lot more of Gage via social media.

Which of these baby photos of Amy’s son Gage is your favorite? Tell us about it in the comments!

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