Amy Halterman Dragged For Baby Gage On Dirty Pillows With Food Chunks 

Amy Halterman TLC Instagram

1000-Lb. Sisters fans grow concerned after a photo featuring Amy’s baby Gage on a dirty bed surfaces.

Amy Slaton Halterman is finally allowed to share photos of baby Gage on Instagram. And, she might wish she could go back to a time where she wasn’t allowed to do so. Why? Well, because mommy shamers came out in full form. Ready to attack her Instagram posts and her parenting.

Amy Slaton Halterman dragged for dirty pillows with food chunks

The very first photo Amy Slaton Halterman shared of baby Gage was about two hours ago. He was wearing grey button-up pajamas with green dinosaurs all over them. He was laying on a bed with someone’s arm wrapped around him. Unfortunately, fans were a little too distracted to focus on the cute baby in the photo.

1000-Lb. Sisters fans quickly focused on the lack of a bedsheet on the mattress. Why wasn’t there some sort of sheet or blanket on the mattress? Fans quickly became overwhelmed with the dirty pillow behind the baby. It looked like a white pillowcase was partly pulled off the pillow. The pillow also looked like some of the stuffing might’ve been falling out of the corner of the pillow.

Fans also noticed the pillow and pillowcase had a lot of stains. Fans also spot food chunks on the bedding. Unsurprisingly, fans were horrified to see such a cute baby on such a gross bed.

Fans beg the TLC star to put her baby in a cleaner environment

One follower called attention to the dirty pillow and missing mattress sheet in the comments. This critical comment quickly accumulated over 70 likes and nearly 30 comments in just a few hours.

“pls make sure the baby is on clean pillows, those are dirty af.” The follower begged.

Unsurprisingly, the comment caused a lot of back and forth. Some fans thought they needed to stop telling Amy what to do. Others, however, agree the photo features a dirty pillow. And, they think that is disgusting.

Now, Amy did catch wind of this comment. And, she responded several times as well. She explained this photo wasn’t even at her house and this wasn’t her bed or her pillows.

Amy Halterman TLC Instagram

Many of her more supportive fans noted she didn’t need to feel obligated to explain herself to anyone. Moreover, they thought the trolls needed to “take a hike” off her Instagram page.

baby Gage Amy Halterman Instagram

What do you think about the photo Amy Halterman shared on Instagram of baby Gage? Do you think the pillows look dirty? Do you see food chunks? Or, do you think fans need to leave her alone? Share your thoughts with us. And, keep coming back for the latest 1000-Lb. Sisters news.

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