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What Does Five Bikes Cost Adam & Danielle For The Busby Quints? 

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The OutDaughtered family got a new purchase for quints! Danielle and Adam Busby got their five daughters their first bikes. How much would a purchase like that cost though?

Busby quints get new bikes

On Instagram, the OutDaughtered account shares that tonight, the Busby quints will be getting new bikes on the new episode of the show. Apparently, they are learning how to ride bikes and got super cute and girly bikes to learn on.

“Busby Bike Time. Beep beep! The Busby quints are learning how to ride bikes. Tune in to an all new #OutDaughtered tonight at 8/7c. 🚴🏻‍♀️,” the caption on the post reads.

From the video in the post, it seems the girls are pretty excited about their new bikes.

“Whoa the bikes are cool,” Hazel says when she sees the five new bikes.

All five of the bikes are pretty teal, purple, and pink with a basket and tassels attached.

Adam had a great idea to get all of the girls off of training wheels faster. He put the training wheels on four of the bikes and left one just a normal bike. Riley opted for the bike without training wheels and she quickly picked up on how to ride the bike. All of the girls wanted to ride on the bike without training wheels once they saw Riley could do it.

Of course, this is a two-parent household. So, the whole thing gets a bit chaotic. And, there are more than a couple times the girls fall of their bikes.


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How much did they cost?

It can’t be cheap to buy five little girls their own over-the-top bikes. In fact, it looks like the Busby parents likely spent anywhere between $500 and $1000 on those bikes.

This bike on Amazon looks pretty similar and is selling for just under $200 per bike. That puts the grand total at $1,000 for five new bikes. And these don’t even include tassels.

Even a cheaper option like this would put them around the $500 mark.

Nevermind all of the helmets they also had to buy to keep all of the girls safe. Of course, all five of them had adorable matching hot pink helmets.

Hopefully, fans will get plenty of Busby quints cuteness on tonight’s episode of OutDaughtered.

Will you be tuning in for OutDaughtered tonight? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news on all of your favorite TLC stars.

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