Is Tammy Slaton Jealous Of Amy’s New Baby?

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On tonight’s episode of 1000-lb Sisters, fans will finally get a look at Amy Slaton’s new baby. While the baby is absolutely adorable, it doesn’t seem everyone is happy. In fact, it seems that Tammy Slaton may actually be jealous of her sister’s new baby.

Is Tammy Slaton jealous?

Amy Slaton and her husband Michael Halterman welcomed a new baby into this world during the new episode of 1000-lb Sisters. Of course, they have also been the primary caretakers for her sister, Tammy, as well.

The new episode (which airs on TLC tonight but can be watching on discovery+ now) shows Amy and Tammy Facetiming with baby Gage for the first time. Of course with COVID restrictions, Tammy wasn’t able to meet the baby in person.

Amy seems over the moon about her new baby. But, Tammy seems less than impressed. This has some fans thinking that Tammy is likely jealous of the new baby.

“She’s not going to make it on her own,” one fan writes.

Another fan encourages Tammy to keep going.

“If they do I hope she don’t give up. You got this Tammy. Show them how to do it!!”

“I hope not, but Tammy does treat them like s**t a lot and she acts like she doesn’t care or want to do it. I hope she can find faith in herself to move forward with the weight loss,” another notes.

Jerry, Tammy’s boyfriend, is also there when Tammy meets the baby. He seems to think that Gage is super adorable. However, it takes Tammy quite a bit of time to even agree that the baby is cute. Overall, she seems very unamused.

COVID and baby Gage

Not only can no one go see the baby be born, but they also can’t come to see him once he’s at home. It’s important that everyone quarantine for two weeks before seeing the baby. Amy says that the doctor actually encourages them to have everyone quarantine for several weeks before coming to meet the baby in person.

All of this quarantining is great because apparently, Tammy gets COVID just after the baby is born.

Luckily for fans, the episode is full of cute baby content. Everyone will get a good look at the adorable new bundle of joy. And will be able to see Amy be a mother for the first time.

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