Taylor Nolan Issues Statement Following Revealed Hate Tweets, Bachelor Nation Reacts

Taylor Nolan via Instagram

The tables have turned. Taylor Nolan remains outspoken about getting more diversity into The Bachelor franchise. Taylor gained both love and hate from her strong stance. As everyone knows by now, controversy has been sweeping across Bachelor Nation. First, Rachael Kirkconnell was denounced for past racial actions. Then, Chris Harrison became deemed part of the cancel culture as many attempt to accuse him of racist actions as well. He stepped aside as host of The Bachelor following a controversial interview with Rachel Lindsay. Taylor remains adamant about wanting Chris fired from the show completely. Now, it turns out she has plenty of skeletons in her own closet that Jordan Kimball helped bring to light. Taylor issued a statement Sunday evening about the tweets that are now making people question her entirely.

Taylor Nolan issues statement following surfaced hate tweets

The Bachelor in Paradise alum has actually made a few different statements. She deleted two before sticking with the one she has shared now. She also deleted her long video that discussed plenty. Her deleted statements appear below.

Taylor’s current statement is multiple slides long on her Instagram page. In the caption portion she informs followers she is disabling comments for now. Taylor said, “*Temporarily disabling comments due to extreme harassment and death threats*”

She began her statement saying, “I have been being attacked and harassed online for weeks.” She went on saying, “These tweets were not surfaced in good faith and were in direct opposition to the work I do today for all those communities who were hurt by my tweets.”

Taylor continued, “Folks who were upset at the standard bachelor Reddit page covering politics and advocating for BIPOC contestants created their own subreddit that is essentially the “anti-woke” bachelor Reddit. I do not apologize to you. None of this is for you.”

She went on to say the tweets surfaced simply to take away from the work being done to fix racial injustice and The Bachelor franchise. Taylor also said she knows her tweets back then were wrong and hurt many. Today, she says she is fighting for those groups she too insulted with her tweets.

She wrapped up saying she will always be a student and will always have new things to learn and unlearn. She said, “I am dedicated to this work and I hope my work will allow for forgiveness and acceptance of my change on your part. I will have more in the future, per usual! I just need some space.”

Her full statement can be seen on her Instagram.

Taylor Nolan Deleted Instagram
Taylor Nolan Deleted Instagram Post
Taylor Nolan deleted post

What happened?

Those who missed the newest twist in The Bachelor controversy missed a lot! Jordan Kimball spoke out defending Chris Harrison. Taylor Nolan fired back at Jordan as shown below.  Jordan then helped reveal some old tweets from Taylor. Many feel the tweets are simply disgusting. Photos of some of the tweets can be seen by clicking here.

Many members of Bachelor Nation are speaking out about this new information that has come to light. Ashley Spivey said, “I am horrified and disgusted by the language used in the tweets from Taylor.” She also said, “There is no defense for racism, homophobia, fatphobia, or the hatred I saw displayed. Full stop.”

Olivia Caridi also spoke. She said, “I am so horrified and utterly disappointed as I read Taylor’s tweets. I don’t stand for racsim, homophobia, fatphobia, or hatred in any sense. Accountability applies to all – and I need her to denounce this language and fast.”

Reality Steve always backed Taylor in the past. And, even he expressed utter disappointment with her tweets.

What do you think about Taylor’s past tweets?  Some of the tweets are below.

Stay tuned for more updates on the controversy plaguing Bachelor Nation.


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