Married at First Sight: Jon Francetic - Dr Jessica Griffin

‘Married at First Sight’: Dr. Jessica & Jon Have A Fun Night In

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Married at First Sight pair Dr. Jessica Griffin and Jon Francetic recently had a fun night in. And even though their Lifetime journey didn’t go the traditional route, they’ve certainly proven to be a MAFS success story.

Married at First Sight: Fun Night in for Dr. Jessica Griffin & Jon Francetic

Married at First Sight pair Jon Francetic and Dr. Jessica Griffin recently spent quality time at home with the former MAFS expert’s children. And based on updates from Dr. Jessica, it looks like it was a good time for all. And it was certainly a happy moment for the Lifetime family.

Married at First Sight couple Jon Francetic and Dr. Jessica Griffin had a family game night – including charades. And along with that, they also watched movies. They enjoyed a Disney movie marathon amid all the other family night shenanigans. And according to Dr. Jessica Griffin, everyone laughed their “faces off.”

Married at First Sight: Jon Francetic
Married at First Sight: Jon Francetic/Instagram

Not a Typical MAFS Love Story

Fans of Married at First Sight know experts match strangers that they think will last long-term. But Dr. Jessica’s love story with Jon Francetic didn’t follow that traditional Lifetime formula. As viewers remember, Dr. Jessica was an expert on Jon’s season of the show.

At the time, John Francetic married Molly Duff. And early on into their marriage, there was a lot of drama. Molly flew off the handle and went off on Jon numerous times. And at one point, it got bad enough that Jon secretly recorded one of Molly’s tirades. Meanwhile, Dr. Jessica went in on Molly for the way she treated her husband at the time.

Not long after Jon and Molly called it quits on their season of Married at First Sight, news broke that Jon and Dr. Jessica were an item. They’ve been a happy couple ever since. And it’s clear they found their MAFS happy ending even if they had to travel an unusual path to get there.

Married at First Sight: Jon Francetic - Dr Jessica Griffin
Married at First Sight: Jon Francetic – Dr. Jessica Griffin/Instagram

Married at First Sight Pair Still Going Strong

Jon Francetic and Dr. Jessica Griffin were busy planning their wedding when the pandemic hit. And because of that, they put those plans on hold for the time being. Still, they always make time for a couples’ getaway. And they enjoy their alone time whenever they can.

Their latest couples’ adventure took them to Maine. And the Married at First Sight pair got to enjoy everything that the coast has to offer. Dr. Jessica had a rough last few weeks. And because of that, she thanked Jon Francetic for taking her away for some much-needed alone time. As a former expert, Dr. Jessica used to plan couples’ activities to help strengthen bonds. And it looks like Jon does that for her these days. As a bonus, they got to enjoy great food, a spa, drinks, and great company.

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