‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Tammy Slaton May Have A New ‘Girl Crush’

1000-Lb. Sisters Tammy Slaton

A lot has been going on in this season of 1,000-LB. Sisters. Notably, a lot of it seems to revolve around Tammy Slaton’s romantic life.

Tammy Slaton hasn’t had the best romantic track record.

Sadly, it is safe to say that Tammy Slaton seems unlucky in love. At one point, 1000. Lb. Sisters follow along with her long-distance relationship with Jerry Sykes. However, in Season 2 episode, Tammy reveals that she and Jerry broke up. This may come as a sigh of relief for many since fans didn’t think that the two were good for each other. And for a glaringly obvious reason, Jerry is married. However, it seems that Tammy rationalizes their relationship because Jerry alleges his wife and “ill and could not give him what he needed at home.”

The next relationship bomb to shock fans of Tammy Slaton and 1000-Lb. Sisters is the news of her relationship with a woman named Kane. However, it quickly came to light that Kane is actually a famous model named Hannah Kleit. And it doesn’t come as a surprise to the loyal fan base of the Slaton sisters that Tammy is interested in women. However, things may already be over between Tammy and Kane. This speculation comes because Tammy recently shares a photo asking for a Valentine.

New TikTok raises eyebrows about potential new love interest

One of 1000-Lb. Sisters Tammy’s recent TikToks has fans wondering if there is a new love interest on the horizon. Fellow TikToker Darian Danya takes to TikTok duets to share her excitement about being friends with Tammy. Darian begins the video by suggesting that her fans watch the show on TLC and give Tammy a follow on TikTok. Additionally, Darian calls for her followers to “support [Tammy] on her weightloss journey.”

@queentammy86##duet with @darian3113

♬ original sound – Darian Danya

Darian’s TikTok doesn’t provide much information besides a rainbow flag, CashApp handle, and a GoFundMe link. According to the link, Darian starts college and needs financial assistance. From the cropped flier, it appears that Darian wants to go to cosmetology school.

In kind of a turn of events, Darian exclaims that she is “one cloud nine” because she “never thought in a million years” she would be friends with Tammy. This phrasing alone has people on TikTok wondering if there is something going on between the women. Interestingly enough to watch, Darian seems to display genuine enthusiasm about her new friendship with Tammy Slaton.

As of this writing, the TikTok video has 181 comments and 2,967 likes. At first glance, a vast majority of them seem to be positive and in support of Tammy. However, there are a few that speculate something is going on between Tammy and Darian.

Do you think 1000-Lb. Sister fans are going to see more of Tammy and Darian on TikTok? Let us know in the comment section below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more 1000-Lb Sisters news.

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